Indoor herb gardens are a wonderful addition to any home. They provide you with fresh herbs anytime you need them to spice up your cooking, give you a chance to exercise your green thumb in any weather, and they even help clean up the air in your home. One of the best things about herbs, however, is they can grow in almost any container. From vertical gardens to sunken countertops, these seven examples are sure to make you want to add an indoor herb garden to your home.

Vertical Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen sense: vertical indoor herb garden
Grow your own Off Grid World

Why waste valuable counter space when you create a breath-taking focal point on one of your blank walls? This ingenious idea for a vertical indoor herb garden uses wallspace rather than table or counter space, saving you from accidentally knocking over planters or running out of room with which to prepare food.

Herb Garden Wreath

Indoor wreath herb garden
Wreath herbs Sweet Paul

Another clever, creative use of wall space, this wreath herb garden makes a wonderful spring decoration as well as a practical way to store your herbs. One of the great things about using a wreath to hold your herbs is you can decorate it for any holiday!

Smart Herb Garden

Digital gardening indoors: click and grow herb garden
Future herb garden Cool Mom Tech

Afraid you don’t have a green thumb? The Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden was inspired by NASA technology and makes it almost impossible not to get delicious fresh herbs. It gives your little herb seedlings the perfect amount of water, oxygen, and light, allowing them to grow strong and tasty. Plus, it takes up minimal counter space. This smart, modern design leaves you no excuse to not start a little futuristic herb garden of your own.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Old timey mason jar herb garden
Old school herbs Camille Styles

If space-age design isn’t your style, opt for this simple and rustic way to grow your own herbs indoors. Mason jars have become a major player in many decor styles, so it’s only natural that they would be used for a classic and stylish indoor herb garden as well. Simply grab a plank of reclaimed wood, some hardware, mason jars, and your favorite herbs to create a wonderful way to start your own indoor garden.

DIY Labeled Indoor Herb Planters

Indoor painted labeled herb garden
Pot planters Pinterest

If this is the first time you’ve ever tried to grow herbs, why not make it easier on yourself by labeling each one? While there are many ways to do this, the simple combination of pastel colors and white lettering adds of these potted herbs is a great way to keep track of which herbs you’re growing.

Repurposed Gutters Herb Garden

Hanging repurposed gutters herb garden
Interior garden 1001 Gardens

Are you one of the many homeowners who have become obsessed with chalkboard paint recently? Here’s the perfect herb garden for you! By repurposing old gutters and hanging them on a section of a wall that has been painted with chalkboard paint, you can create a unique indoor herb garden that’s sure to make you want to spice up your cooking skills.

Herb Garden Sunken in Countertop

Beautiful barlike sunken countertop herb garden
Only the best from Houzz

Have ample counter space but little wall space? Instead of simply placing planters on your countertops, consider sinking your indoor herb garden into your counters instead. This gives you a modern, elegant look and reduces the risk of accidentally knocking over your yummy herbs.

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