Fall is the perfect time of the year to change things up and make your lawn pop. Not only can you impress the neighbors, but you can make all the kids want to stop by when they go out on beggars' night. You might bring in some new flowers and fall colors or go all out with a big change. Just take a look at some of these fall landscaping ideas to decide which are best for your yard.

“Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night." – Hal Borland

Ornamental Pepper

Fall planting is easy when you know what plants to pick. Though this type isn't as large or delicious as the ones you usually eat, it's still a gorgeous option for your garden. Ornamental peppers have bright green leaves and peppers that range in color from white to red. 

Depending on the plants that you pick, you should see these in shades of deep orange that are right on trend for the season. 

Tip: Most ornamental pepper plants do well in containers.


Late blooming flowers such as asters add a bright pop of color to your yard and encourage local wildlife to stop by for a visit. These flowers grow small berries that those animals eat in the season and store for the winter. 

Not only do you get beautiful colors in your yard, but you can feel confident that you helped the local wildlife when you choose these plants.

Spring Blooms

Depending on where you live, the best bulbs to plant in fall may include tulips and other flowers that won't bloom until spring. This gives the bulbs time to get the nutrients that they need from the ground and ensures that you have gorgeous flowers in a few months.

However, avoid these types of flowers if you live in a region where frost is possible.


Consider adding a few topiary bushes to your yard as a way to decorate during the fall and around the holidays. Though most of these shrubs come in different shades of green, some incorporate fall colors such as red and orange. 

Tip: When you decorate for the holidays, it's easy to wrap them in your favorite lights and add other decorations.

Ornamental Edibles

Have you always wanted to grow a garden but felt like you didn't have the time or space necessary? Edibles are easy to grow and function as both beautiful plants and something that you can add to your meals later. 

Both cauliflower and cabbage hold up well to the low temperatures, but you can also try planting kale, fennel, tomatoes and other edible plants. 

Colorful Flowers

Some of the top fall flowers to plant include those that add bright colors to your lawn. Mums are so popular that several cities host mum festivals to celebrate the flowers. Consider pansies and violas too, both of which come in some fun and bright colors.

Use Mulch

Fall lawn care experts recommend that you use products such as mulch to protect your plants from the cool temperatures and weather conditions. It will make your plants much healthier and stronger, making those colors pop much more and encouraging your edibles to grow delicious.

Container Plants

Container plants are a great option for most regions because you can bring them into your home or put them in the garage when the temperature drops harshly. Look for containers that fit the season, including those that come in shades of orange and yellow to match the changing leaves. You can even find some shaped like pumpkins!

Evergreen Trees

With evergreen trees, you can pick ones that are the right size for your lawn. Smaller trees typically come in containers and are easy to care for outside. Larger ones require replanting but can grow taller than your house over the course of their lives. 

Spruce and fir are just a few of the evergreen trees that you might like.

Mexican Feather Grass

The chances are good that you never heard of this plant before, but it's a nice choice for fall landscaping. This type of grass produces thin stalks that look similar to bird feathers. The stalks stay white and green during most seasons but turn to amber and red in the fall. 

You can use this grass with other fall landscaping ideas to make your home one of the best looking ones on the block.

A local landscaping company can help you decide which plants are better for your location and teach you how to properly take care of them. 


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