Air conditioning servicing

There is no way out: you definitely need to have your air conditioning servicing done at least once a year. Having an air conditioner maintenance service is a matter of money, health, and efficiency. An AC makes any environment more pleasant, but its quality depends on how it is maintained, and most people forget about it.

If not well taken care of, it will not work properly and can even present some more drastic problems. So, dealing with eventual cleaning and checkups is the least you can do to avoid damage.

Do you have an AC and are not sure of how to maintain it? Or are you planning to buy a new one and want to know the demands it is going to bring? Read on this guide to become familiar with when air conditioning servicing is required.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced?

Frequency is one of the questions that most strikes people, and there is no escape: you have to have your AC checked up every year, at least once a year. This will cost you less time and money.

An unchecked AC does not function at its best condition, spending more energy and costing more money. So take 1 or 2 hours a day for an annual AC maintenance to let yourself free of more severe problems. Remember: AC servicing is not all about cleaning!

What is Included in Air Conditioning Servicing?

A complete air conditioning service might include:

  1. filter cleaning;
  2. pipe cleaning;
  3. vacuuming;
  4. remote control checkup;
  5. refrigerant levels checking;
  6. internal and electrical components checkup;
  7. outdoor unit inspection; and
  8. general testing.

Generally, this is what you can expect from a good contractor that does the job, for example. Also, any particular repairs that appear through the checkup will be included for additional charge.

What is the Air Conditioning Maintenance Cost?

The AC maintenance cost depends on the machine, any issue that may appear, and also the location where you live. Overall, an annual AC maintenance will stay between $ 75 and $ 300. If there is a more significant problem to be fixed, it can reach up to $ 2.500 or even more.

That is the case for you to wonder if it is not better to replace your AC, depending on its age.

If you have been thinking of having your AC checked up, you will find here the best contractors to do the job. With their air conditioning servicing, they will help you keep your home or business with the most efficient and comfortable AC machine possible.

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