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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Cabinets in Dothan?

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What type of cabinets project is this?

Cabinet Repair can increase the value of your home by $115

Cabinets are mostly found in a home’s kitchen. Their primary purpose is to serve as a storage to keep your kitchen organized. You can put your kitchen utensils, cups, cookware, and other kitchen materials in your cabinet. You can also stuff them with condiments, spices, and other food products that do not require refrigeration. Cabinets can be custom-made to fit your kitchen space. You can also buy stock cabinets found in home improvement and furniture shops, or you can have a semi-custom cabinet that you can purchase in stores but you can still customize based on your liking. Whatever your cabinet is, how tall or how small it is, it can help you keep your kitchen clean and organized. However, certain factors may require you to get cabinet repair Dothan. Generally, Dothan cabinet repair is needed when your cabinet has been damaged. You may ignore cracks and noisy hinges in your cabinets, but what you do not know is that they can lead to more severe damages that will be very costly to repair in the future. Cracks can eventually grow and ruin your cabinets. Not only that, but cracks can cause harm to the things that you keep inside of the enclosure. Noisy hinges may mean that you need to oil them or replace them. A hinge that’s making squeaky sounds may mean that it is already rusty. Rusting can deteriorate any metal, not to mention that it is also harmful to your health.

Fair price breakdown

Several factors can affect the cost of a cabinet repair Dothan service. These factors include the damage to be fixed and its severity, the labor cost and the materials that will be needed. The labor cost to hire a carpenter or handyman to fix your cabinet can range from around $160 to $270 for a 2 ½ hour of Dothan cabinet repair work. This amount already covers removal of the cabinet if it is mounted to the wall, repair or replacement of hinges, adjusting the flush, repair hardware amounting to $10 per door, preparation and cleaning the area after work. The materials needed per cabinet may amount from $36 up to $45. It includes major materials required to fix any cabinet like fasteners, connectors, surface preparation, and materials used for the finishing.

Estimated final cost for cabinet repair

Item Quantity Fair Price
Cabinet Labor 2.6 Hours $88.48
Cabinet Job Materials and Supplies 1 Cabinet $34.68
Cabinet Equipment Allowance $57.27
Totals - Cost to Repair Cabinets - 1 Cabinet $180.43
Average Cost Per Cabinet $180.42

Find the Best Costs on Cabinet Repair - Dothan, 36301

If you are computing for the estimated cost of a cabinet repair Dothan service, you might also take into consideration the difficulty of fixing the damage. If the damage is quite difficult, you need to pay more. You may also need to consider including in your budget some equipment allowance just in case it will be needed during the repair. Dothan cabinet repair may require $55 to $80 equipment allowance that mostly covers the usage of pneumatic finish nailer, miter saw electrical jigsaw, belt sander, and other specialty equipment. For a single cabinet, you may spend around $250 up to $400.

Houston County Cabinet Repair FAQ

The answer to your question will depend on what kind of damage your cupboard has acquired. Certain damages will require detaching or removing your cabinets from their mounting place. If the damage is just minor, dismounting them is no longer necessary.

Some repairs might possibly harm the surface finish of your cabinet. If the damage is a crack on the side of your cabinet or on its door, you need to expect that. It is best to get cabinet refinishing after the repair.

This will depend on the damage and the age of your cabinet. If your cabinets are too old to endure any repair, the damage is too severe, and the cost is really high, you might consider replacing them instead.

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018

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