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How Much Does it Cost to Service Custom Windows in Montgomery?

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Custom Windows can increase the value of your home by $1,376

There are a couple of reasons why custom windows Montgomery are an excellent choice for your home. Custom windows in Montgomery can be made to match your home’s style and to reflect your own personality. They provide flexibility when it comes to design because of the many materials, sizes, accessories and colors that you can choose from. You can get a unique and intricately made window based on the architectural design of your home. Montgomery custom windows can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. Since they are specifically built to fit your window opening, there will be no room for air leakages. You are assured that during hot summer days, the cold air produced by your air conditioner will not leak outside. Same goes during winter. Custom windows Montgomery have a higher rate of insulating heat inside homes while keeping cold air outside. They are also easy to install since they are made especially for your window. Easy installation can translate to less time consumed and labor cost. You can choose what materials to use in your Montgomery custom windows. That way, you can select quality materials that are durable, can withstand strong winds and are resistant to corrosion. This could significantly lessen the maintenance costs of your home’s window.

Fair price breakdown

There is no definite way to estimate the cost of custom windows Montgomery. It will mostly depend on the size, the materials that you will choose, plus the design and accessories that will go with it. Most homeowners, however, are estimated to spend on average a minimum of $1,627 per window that can go as high as $2,140. The size of the home and the number of windows to be installed will also affect the cost of installing Montgomery custom windows in your home. A one story, three-bedroom house with 10 windows can cost around $5,000 to $20,000. Removal of damaged or existing window frames can also add to the expense.

Estimated final cost for custom windows

Item Quantity Fair Price
Replacement Window Cost 5 Windows $1,308.57
Replacement Window Labor 12.3 Hours $488.24
Replacement Window Job Materials and Supplies 5 Windows $86.98
Totals - Cost to Install Replacement Windows - 5 Windows $1,883.79
Average Cost Per Window $376.75

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Other factors to consider that can add to the cost of installing custom windows Montgomery are the repairs that need to be addressed before installation and if the window opening has to be resized. If you are installing a custom window as a replacement, there is a chance that the frames of the window opening must have been damaged or already corroded. Either way, repairing or replacing them will add to the cost. Same with the window opening. If you choose a much bigger customized window, you would have to pay extra for resizing the window openings. It is recommended that before getting custom windows Montgomery to consult with the manufacturer regarding the size of your window.

Montgomery County Custom Windows FAQ

Yes. Most manufacturers will let you create your own design. When you already have one ready, you may show it to them. They will give recommendations and may tweak it a little to reach certain criteria like the size of your window and the style of your house. Either way, you would still have complete control of your window design.

Definitely! Custom windows can add value to your home. They can give your house an appealing look both from the inside and the outside. Should you put your home in the market someday, you will attract more potential buyers by having customized windows that match the structural features of your home.

It will depend on the materials used for your custom windows. If you choose heavy duty and thick glass that is hurricane-resistant, you can be assured that your custom windows can get through any weather condition.

Last Updated: May 13, 2018

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