One of the most important items during holiday season is the Christmas tree. It becomes the focal point of your home; the piece that truly brings the holiday spirit to your home!

Whether you plan on adding a modern touch to the season's Christmas tree or if you just want to add another tree to complement the holiday decor, check out these super creative alternative Christmas trees that you can easily add to your home!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. -Norman Vincent Peale

Floating Tree

Doesn't it look amazing?
Doesn’t it look amazing? Source: Imgur

This floating Christmas tree brings an interesting modern twist to the traditional Christmas tree. Made out of ornaments and string, the craft is a little time-consuming, but definitely worth it. The result looks incredible!

And the best part:

Green and red ornaments are the basic choice for this tree, but you can use any type of ornaments in whatever colors you want to personalize the tree and show off your personality! Check out the detailed tutorial over at Not Martha.

DIY Plywood Christmas Tree

Simple and elegant!
Simple and elegant! Source: The Merrythought

If getting a real Christmas tree is impractical for you or if you just want a simpler look for the tree, then you’ll love this craft by The Merrythought. The minimalist design makes it easy to match any house decor, while also bringing an elegant feel to the holiday decor.

Personalizing it:

You can easily paint the tree with any color you want, as well as add other elements. In fact, you could:

  • Add holiday drawings
  • Attach holiday cards
  • Add string lights
  • Hot glue ornaments
  • Etc.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

This idea is super easy to make!
This idea is super easy to make! Source: Almost Makes Perfect

Don’t have the space for a big Christmas tree? Well, with this beautiful idea by Almost Makes Perfect, you can still have an evergreen holiday “tree” to decorate the house. The wall hanging is pretty easy to make: you’ll basically only have to hot glue the greenery onto dowels and then use painter’s tape to attach them to the wall. Easy and simple!

Wood Pallet Tree

Perfect for the porch, too!
Perfect for the porch, too! Source: Country Living

Wood pallet trees are pretty common in the DIY world, and you can easily make one to decorate your porch or to serve as this year’s Christmas tree. You’ll only need to create the tree shape using paint and then add some pom poms or ornaments to embellish!

This simple idea can instantly make the space much more fun and joyful!

Paper Christmas Tree

Perfect for the office or for the living room.
Perfect for the office or for the living room. Source: Pop Sugar

Got an afternoon to spare? Then check out this creative paper tree tutorial at Popsugar. The tree is perfect for the office as well as for the living room, saving you the hassle of dealing with a real tree and instantly making an afternoon go from boring to super fun - especially if you have kids to help out!

And the best part:

You can easily tailor the tree to the size you prefer, as well as use any kind of paper that you may have lying around:

  • Standard printer paper
  • Newspapers
  • Construction paper
  • Etc.

Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile

Doesn't it look awesome?!
Doesn’t it look awesome?! Source: Curbly 

Remember all those popsicle stick projects you did in school? The adult version of them is paint sticks, and you can create an amazing Christmas tree out of them! The craft takes a little bit of time, but it can add even more fun to the holiday decorations. Check out the tutorial over at Curbly!

String Tree

This Christmas tree alternative is super easy to make!
This Christmas tree alternative is super easy to make! Source: Good Housekeeping

This idea is simple, but super fun to make. You’ll basically only need to tape yarn to an empty wall, and then style with paper-circle “ornaments” and felt. Enlist the kids to help dress up the tree and it becomes even more special!

Fringe Wall Tree

This fringe tree is perfect for those who don't have the space
This fringe tree is perfect for those who don’t have the space! Source: Brit+Co

Here’s another wall hanging for those who don’t have the space for a tree. Add some funk to your holiday decoration by making this DIY from Brit+Co, which combines copper piping with a spool of green fringe that will make the space way more fun and joyful.

Tree Wall Shelf

Don't have space for a tree? Then make this Christmas shelf!
Don’t have space for a tree? Then make this Christmas shelf! Source: Ana White

For those familiar with woodworking, this awesome DIY from Ana White is the way to go. The tree shelf can be used to hold the Christmas gifts during the holidays, but it can also decorate the house year-long.

You can leave it with its natural wooden look or paint it with any color you like!

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

A modern take on the Christmas tree!
A modern take on the Christmas tree! Source: Hunted Interior

Got a chalkboard wall or board in your house? Then use it to make a modern and beautiful Christmas tree! This idea by Hunted Interior is simply stunning, and it’s perfect for those with small space or for those who don’t have the time to add a real tree to the house.

Personalize it:

  • Add string lights
  • Add paper ornaments
  • Tape cards
  • Write quotes and words around the tree
  • Etc.

Alternative Christmas Tree

This deconstructed tree is very creative!
This deconstructed tree is very creative! Source: Free People Blog

If you have access to some tree branches greens, tape, and string lights, then you already have everything you need for this awesome alternative tree from the Free People Blog. Add some cards, notes, and quotes to make it even more special and add that extra personal touch!

Evergreen Christmas Vase

Use a vase as Christmas tree!
Use a vase as Christmas tree! Source: HGTV

A vase filled with evergreen clippings can be a great alternative to a Christmas tree for small spaces. Make it more festive by adding ornaments and ribbons and leaving the presents beneath!

You can place this beautiful holiday vase anywhere around the house, like:

  • On a corner table
  • On the dining table
  • On the mantel
  • Or any place that works best for your home!

Christmas Tree Made of Books

Any book lovers out there?
Any book lovers out there? Source: Buzzfeed

Got a family of book lovers? Then this idea is simply perfect for your house: a Christmas tree made out of books! The tree can be made in any size you prefer - depending on how many books you can spare for the project - and you can finish the decor by adding string lights to the piece and maybe placing some ornaments around it.

String Light Christmas Tree

Doesn't it look super beautiful?
Doesn’t it look super beautiful? Source: A Pair and a Spare 

For an easy, yet super beautiful DIY Christmas tree, try this alternative by A Pair and a Spare. The glowing tree only requires a few supplies, such as:

  • Pinewood
  • Drill
  • Fairy Lights
  • Screws

I bet you’ll want to keep this decor around year long!

Cactus Christmas Tree

This curious and creative idea is perfect for the adventurous type!
This curious and creative idea is perfect for the adventurous type! Source: Sugar and Cloth

Let’s finish this list with a not-so-traditional take on the Christmas tree! If an evergreen tree is not your thing, then you have to try this super fun cactus tree from Sugar and Cloth. They used a fake cactus, so that it could last till next year, but if you’re brave enough you can also use a real one! Either way, it certainly adds a new twist to the holidays!

Which of these alternative Christmas tree DIY ideas was your favorite? Let us know at our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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