Know someone who loves cooking? Need a gift idea for your best friend? We’ve got you covered: check out these animal-themed kitchen tools, which not only are super practical, but are also incredibly cute! I bet you won’t be able to resist them!

1. These bear oven mitts will allow you to get that hot pan with your “bear” hands.

bear oven mitts
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Promising Review: “As a bear, I am often quite frustrated when I see bear-paw themed items that are not anatomically correct. You see, we have five toes. Five! So many products only have four. I feel slighted, cheated, insulted even, that so many companies don't even bother to check basic anatomy. These however have five, and therefore this product gets the Official Bear Maul of Approval. Now of course, bears don't have opposable thumbs (except pandas, those lucky guys), but these are made for human use so I'll forgive that.” –Mr. Bear

Price: $14.89

2. Offer the guests some lumps of sugar or some candy with this camel sugar bowl with the driest of humor.

camel sugar bowl
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising Review: “Another sweet, sweet addition to our camel collection!!! This one is more than ornamental, is also functional!! Using as pictured to offer coffee condiments of sugar cubes, but, is so precious could have additional service for jelly, candy, or even centerpiece with flowers.” –Amazon Customer

Price: $11.99

3. These kitty measuring cups will make any cat-lover’s cooking even more fun.

kitty measuring cups
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising Review: “I recently purchased these as a housewarming gift for a friend for her first home and she was thrilled. I've since then purchased them three more times as gifts, each time the recipient was in love with them. They are fun, girly, and look adorable. The ceramic is high quality, and I personally love how each size is a different color. This is my go to gift for most things and they even looked better in person when compared to the pictures shown.” –ZeldaBarbie99

Price: $26.90

4. Let this shark knife make you smile every time you prepare breakfast.

shark knife
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising Review: “This knife is adorable and makes me smile every time I use it. More than that, though, the handle is shaped in a way that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The knife is ideally suited in size and shape for what I seem to use it for most often, cutting up apples to eat with peanut butter.” –Dharmadog

Price: $8.43

5. Make tea time even more relaxing with a sloth tea infuser.

sloth tea infuser
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising Review: “Purchased as a gift for my girlfriend. It is super fun to look at and is well liked by anyone who sees it. It is also easy to clean and holds a good amount of tea.” –Josh

Price: $9.72

6. The dreaded task of separating the yolk can be easier and much more relaxing with a fish egg separator.

fish egg separator
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising review: “Super cute and charming tool! No wonder cookies taste good if you have the best egg separator. Easy and super cool to use!” –Andreea

Price: $8.99

7. Breakfast can be fascinating when a tiny ceramic friend emerges from the depths of your brew.

tiny ceramic friend
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising review: “The cutest coffee cup I’ve ever got! The color is very gentle and pure. The quality is strong. I made tea or coffee with this lovely animal cup, leaving its head out of the water. Worth buying for your friends and family.” –Amazon Customer

Price: $18.98

8. These miniature animal vacuum cleaners will actually make you love those crumbs.

animal vacuum cleaners
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising Review: “Wonderful! (and fun, heheh - never too old for that!) It works really, really well. It not only cleans crumbs from the table or kitchen counter, but is terrific for cleaning crumbs dropped on the sofa when snacking while watching TV. Has great pick-up vacuuming capability. It even lifts dog hair off the sofa and chairs. And a spill of crumbs on the rug? You don't have to get out the large vacuum – just grab this adorable mini, and vacuum it up. Never thought vacuuming would bring a smile to our faces!” –DC

Price: $11.99

9. A blue whale strainer to stop ordering chinese and enjoy cooking.

blue whale strainer
Image Source: Amazon

Promising Review: “This strainer is awesome. I'm the type of lazy person who never wanted to use a colander because it was yet another big thing to wash. So instead I'd use a pot lid and burn my fingers/steam my face/lose noodles down the drain. This strainer fits every pot I've tried, is small and easy to store and never loses noodles or even small veggies (like peas and corn). And for the price, it's a must have. Highly recommend.” –Amazon Customer

Price: $9.14

10. These cute farm animal pot lifts will prevent liquids from boiling over and save you the cleaning time.

farm aninmal pot lifts
Image Source: Amazon 

Promising Review: “Love these little guys. It really helps to keep liquids from boiling over. They fit on the side of your pot to keep the lid slightly above the rim so no boiling over at lower settings. They do not get hot and look as new as the day I purchased them. They do not discolor or melt. I have given several sets as gifts. My friends and family had not seen them before and now they love them too.” –shopgal92019

Price: $7.00

What do you think of these adorable additions and which ones are you dying to get? Let us know at our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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