An attic makeover can give you an extra room in the house.
An attic makeover can give you an extra room in the house. Source: My Domaine

Attic rooms are more than just wasted storage space.

You see it all the time: people have spacious attic rooms and they only use it to dump clutter, or leave it completely bare with only some insulation. Meanwhile, there’s an extra room in the house just waiting to be used - it’s a tragic tale of wasted potential.

But no more.

It’s time you see what a makeover can do to an attic room!

Minimal White Walls

Sometimes simple is better.
Sometimes simple is better. Source: Freshome

Here’s proof that you don’t have to go crazy on renovations to make an attic room work.

The white walls are a big part of what makes this one work - white walls make rooms look more spacious than they really are. Imagine this with dark walls and you can guess the difference.

Writer’s Cave

Every writer needs the perfect writing spot.
Every writer needs the perfect writing spot. Source: DIY Network

Most writers will tell you they need some sort of writer’s retreat - a comfortable and reliable place where they can lay low and write without distractions. If you’re one of those, maybe your attic is the perfect writer room just waiting to happen.

A good tip for an attic upgrade on a budget is to personalize IKEA furniture to look more like you!

Much More than You Think

There's enough room in the attic to make an entire living area.
There's enough room in the attic to make an entire living area. Source: imgur

It looks like an entire studio apartment, right? You have the bedroom, living room, and bathroom all comfortably sharing the same space without it feeling or looking cramped. It’s an entire extra room in your house - and arguably one of the best!

If you like the idea, here are some tips on how to make the most out of small rooms!

Modern Office

The attic can be ideal for a small office space.
The attic can be ideal for a small office space. Source: Huffington Post

More and more people are working from home nowadays, and the attic is often overlooked as a possible office space, and it totally shouldn’t. It’s usually big enough for a nice office, secluded enough for a distraction-free environment, and close enough to home for whenever you need it.

Children’s Bedroom

The attic room before the upgrade...
The attic room before the upgrade... Source: My Domaine
The attic room AFTER the upgrade.
The attic room AFTER the upgrade. Source: My Domaine

Proof that the attic is the most underrated room in the entire house - you can even make an entire children’s room out of it. And not just a cramped room for when grandchildren or your kids friend’s come to visit - this is a real fully functional room where one can spend an entire childhood.

This space can be used to make an indoor fort for children, but for a real room you will benefit learning from bedroom renovations!

A Beautiful Master Bathroom

The attic can even become a master bedroom!
The attic can even become a master bedroom! Source: CafeDesign

A surprising alternative for the attic is to make it into a master bathroom - or even an exclusive bathroom, if you so prefer. Regardless, the setting couldn’t be better: it’s private, cozy, and spacious.


A classic attic makeover.
A classic attic makeover. Source: Enter My Attic

By this point you’re realizing you can make your attic into anything you want. The incredible result you see above was just an ordinary old attic at one point, but you can see the step-by-step evolution at My Attic - proof that you can have an incredible attic, even when starting totally from scratch.

Office Space

Before the transformation...
Before the transformation... Source: Unskinny Boppy
After the transformation!
After the transformation! Source: Unskinny Boppy

Another beautiful office idea, this one with:

  • more convenient storage provided by the shelves on the sides
  • great use of the central window - a good focus point - to illuminate the room
  • All white paint makes any room look bigger than it really is.

The space was handled very well, and it even avoided some common mistakes people make when organizing!

Hang Out Spot

The perfect hang out spot!
The perfect hang out spot! Source: Domino

Let’s assume your home already has everything. It has enough rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, the whole deal. Yet your attic is just sitting there with nothing to do. What do you do?

Join in!

It’s the perfect spot for a hang out room - a simple room with your own hammock, no clutter, a place to read some book, write, relax and gather good vibes. Sometimes that’s all you really need!

Cozy Bedroom

The cosiest bedroom you've ever seen!
The cosiest bedroom you've ever seen! Source: Apartment Therapy

Even if you don’t have the most spacious attic, you can still make it into an extra bedroom. Keep things close to the ground (no tall shelves or decorations) and you have a relaxing, cozy, and rustic new room for yourself or whoever calls dibs!

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