There are many ways a room can alter your mood, whether it be by color scheme or furniture placement. Today we are looking into how you can take action to make any room feel happier. With some simple tweaks you will get rid of unnecessary clutter, make the room seem bigger, use the right colors and voilá - you will have an environment designed for happiness.

Fixing Clutter

Fixing Clutter - Good Vibes in Your Room
Source: House Beautiful

The very first step is getting rid of everything useless: this includes anything that gets in the way and creates clutter. Set a timer for about 15 minutes and scrub away whatever you don’t want anymore without thinking too much about it. Separate what you have into three piles: to throw away, to sell or donate, and to keep. Keep only what truly makes you happy.

As humans, we tend to want to keep things we own. If you have sentimental value for objects you don’t use, you don’t necessarily have to throw them away, just store them nicely somewhere out of the way for another time.

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Around the Corner

Around the corner - Get Good Vibes In Your Room

Corners are perfect places for relaxing, so don’t underestimate them: have a nice comfortable chair waiting for you there, so you can read a book while listening to your favorite music, or just flip through Facebook for a while listening to Rainy Mood. Make this your personal corner of the room - it will always be happy to see you.

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Add Space

Add space - Get Good Vibes in Your Room
Source: Good House Keeping

Having no good space to walk around freely or having too much heavy, big furniture can really take its toll on the vibe of a room. Be sure to always leave enough space to move around naturally so you won’t feel crushed.

A great quick fix for adding space to a room is having some mirrors. We’ve talked about them before, and for good reason: mirrors reflect light to make any room brighter, and also give the impression of more space, even if the room is small.

The Right Colors

The right colors - Get Good Vibes in Your Room
Source: Country Living

Brighter colors tend to make us feel more cheerful and clear minded then darker stronger colors like red or black. Stronger colors are usually linked (even subconsciously) to emotions - red for anger and hunger, black for sadness and depression, and so on. Having bright colors make them more neutral, which lets the room breathe and respond to any emotion naturally.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your home should look like a hospital - you can use different colors, just opt lighter tones.

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Add Texture

Add texture - Get Good Vibes in Your Home
Source: How to decorate

It’s not all just about looks - the “feel” is also important, after all, no one merely looks at a living room. Make sure your couch is comfortable by adding a few soft pillows to lay your head or hug while reading a book. Have a nice clean carpet always waiting on the floor. A vase of flowers on the center table. It makes all the difference in the world.

Frame Emotion

Frame emotion - Get Good Vibes in Your Home
Source: Made By Mood

Want a simple way of decorating that is always efficient and satisfying? Frame your old family photographs, your favorite pictures from that last summer trip, your favorite movie posters, prints from your favorite painter… whatever you really, really love.

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Make it Your Own

Make it your own - Get Good Vibes in Your Home
Source: House Beautiful

No one likes following all the rules. We hope you can make the best out of these tips, but remember that above all, whatever you decide to do should make you happy!

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