Here are 6 cheap ways to upgrade your bathroom!
Here are 6 cheap ways to upgrade your bathroom! Source: Snugglebug University

How many times have you seen those beautiful bathroom upgrades complete with before and after pictures, and thought to yourself:

“That looks so beautiful but so expensive…”

The thing is, finding these before and after images is great — you can see how much you can change a room and make it completely new… But we don’t always have the resources, do we?

This time it’s going to be different. We thought of simple small bathroom upgrades that you can actually do — no remodeling required!

DIY Linen Shelves

DIY linen shelves that are easy to make!
DIY linen shelves that are easy to make! Source: Ella Claire Inspired

You can add more life and detail to your bathroom with a set of remarkably easy DIY shelves.

These DIY shelves can greatly expand your storage for the bathroom, and they also serve as a nice spot for decorations. No breaking walls, no repainting, no complex planning. According to Elle Claire, the whole project costs only $70!

Washi Tape

Before the washi tape...
Before the washi tape...
And after the Washi Tape!
And after the Washi Tape! Source: homeyou

We will never get tired of Washi Tape.

With inspiration and creativity, you can make ANY room look better by accenting different colors, adding details, and much more.

Above, adding bold stripes to a simple bathroom made for a totally revamped look — and all you needed was Washi Tape. Found out more about it here!

A Complete (but cheap) Overhaul

Before the overhaul...
Before the overhaul... Source: Little Bit of Paint
And after the overhaul!
And after the overhaul! Source: Little Bit of Paint

This may seem like a lot, but if you look closely, you’ll realize it’s just a series of small upgrades that made this renovation.

In fact, Therena from Little Bit of Paint said she spent just about $101 dollars for the whole thing!

For this upgrade:

  • The walls were painted a new color
  • Chair rail was added for a slicker look
  • The mirror was replaced for a new one — that was bought cheap and then repainted
  • A small pitcher was added to the corner for convenience

Seems pretty doable, right?

Subtle Sharpie Art

Before the sharpie art...
Before the sharpie art... Source: Snugglebug University
And after the sharpie art!
And after the sharpie art! Source: Snugglebug University

Sometimes you don’t have to go crazy adding new stuff just for the sake of adding new stuff.

After a very nice makeover, Jill from Snugglebug University felt like something was missing…

So she got a Sharpie. And drew over tiles that were already there. That was it.

Simple, elegant, and filled with possibilities! Depending on the size of your tiles, you can find plenty of inspiration online. So get a Sharpie, a ruler, and change the look of your bathroom!

Staining Miracle

A simple gel stain made this work!
A simple gel stain made this work! Source: Windblown Wishes

Believe it or not, that vanity wasn’t painted — it was stained.

Danielle from Windblown Wishes used this gel stain to turn an ordinary-looking vanity into a luxurious one! See exactly how she did it on her blog!

Shower Door Decal

The shower door needs an upgrade!
The shower door always welcomes an upgrade! Source: homeyou

A fantastic way to revamp the bathroom is to upgrade the shower door — it’s often the most eye-catching element in the bathroom, and so often neglected.

You can find this and many other shower door ideas here!

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