The Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is often the most important room in a home, especially when you look at it from an investment/return standpoint. Basically, a little investment into updating your bathroom will generate a wealth of return when you sell the home. And even if selling isn’t in your immediate plans, your bathroom is still a place where you spend a good deal of time, so it makes sense for it to be beautiful. This guide to bathroom remodeling will show you the most vital areas to revitalize as well of some timeless ways to accomplish it.

INterior bathroom remodeling that can fit your budget
Interior bathroom remodeling Source: freshome

Walls and Floors

Walls and floors are literally what define a room. For the bathroom, you’re looking for materials that can withstand the humidity generated by showers and baths while still being beautiful. Materials like tile, treated wood panel and laminate all do the job well while leaving plenty of room for options in terms of color and pattern.

Open glass shower and tub for a bathroom
Shower and tub Source: Drury Designs

Shower and Bath

The shower and bath area are a huge selling point (or staying point) for any home. Having a gorgeous shower can also make you feel more relaxed and refreshed after a hot shower or long bath. Whether you decide on a shower, bath, or both, make sure to explore some of the unique options for fixtures and fixture placement. Keep in mind that the finish of your fixtures should match the overall theme of the bathroom, which is a helpful limitation among the millions of options.

Bathroom vanity remodeling done right
Bathroom vanity Source:HGTV

Storage Spaces

No bathroom is complete without loads of fluffy towels. Having a place to store those towels (as well as everything else a bathroom needs) is crucial to both form and function. Built-in closets are the old standby, but modular and integrated storage options are great modern alternatives. Look into alternative materials like wicker as well. These can change your bathroom’s entire look without breaking the bank!

Interior bathroom decor on a budget
Keep organized Source: Decoist


Ventilation is a huge consideration for any bathroom. If there isn’t enough air flow, the inherent dampness of showers, baths and sinks will cause all manner of problems including mold and mildew. In extreme cases, excess moisture can lead to warping of floors, walls, and sagging of ceilings. Remedy this by installing large windows (with shades, of course) or an exhaust fan.

Bathroom sink remodeling ideas
Keep the bathroom airy Source: Kohler


Bathroom lighting is another area where it’s really dependent on what you need. There are a huge variety of sconces, lights, panels, and fixtures available. Equally as diverse is the selection of bulbs available (we always recommend LED). Tailor this to your needs and preferences freely, because they’re easy to swap out in the event you sell the home.

Lime green painting for a bathroom
Custom bathroom lighting Source: DIY Network

The Next Level

For those of us not content with simple serenity, the bathroom is a great place for ‘next level ideas’. These luxury add-ons can absolutely take a bathroom to a new level of comfort and style, and do so without costing an arm and a leg. Our favorite is the bathroom LED light strip. These alternate light sources are often concealed in the joint between wall and ceiling, which hides the light source while creating a pleasant and indirect glow. The low and soothing light is perfect for a hot shower after a long day at work, but bright enough for ladies to do their makeup.

Sleek modern bathroom design for your home
Modern bathroom Source: HomeDSGN

If you love the sleek, modern style of LED lighting strips like those but are looking for an even more affordable alternative we’d recommend the fun and funky effects of this temperature-driven LED lightshow! Think of it as an extra surprise in an otherwise traditional bathroom that’s sure to delight your guests when they first turn it on!

Incredible light up faucet for your bathroom
Red and blue water Source: Gadgets and Gear

These essential areas of the bathroom are the ones that buyers, and inhabitants, really look at. Improving one or all of them will make your bathroom a more serene place while enhancing the overall value of the home. With benefits like that, why not upgrade?

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