Best indoor plants

Few things bring more life into a room than plants. Their brightness can cheer up any environment and fill in empty spaces around the house. That is why people have been more keen on adding this energy into their homes with indoor plants.

Different from what some imagine, there is a big variety of those that can be kept inside houses and apartments. Some are easier, some require care, some are even toxic to pets! But one thing is certain, each of them has a unique feature that deserves attention.

This list includes all sorts of the best indoor plants for you to pick the most appropriate for your place. Check it out!

Which Plant Is Best for Home Indoor?

Best plant home indoor

Here are the 9 best indoor plants for you. All are fit to be inside your house or apartment. They contemplate many demands: from the easiest to keep alive to the best for each room.

  1. Snake Plant
  2. Zamioculcas
  3. Peace Lily
  4. Devil’s Ivy
  5. Philodendron
  6. Succulents
  7. Monstera deliciosa
  8. Kalanchoe
  9. Parlor Palm

Which Plant Is The Easiest to Keep Alive?

plant easiest keep alive

If you do not have a way with plants and do not want to risk killing them, the Snake Plant and the Zamioculcas are your heroes. They are low-maintenance and easy for beginners, surviving through almost any conditions.

Both respond well to medium-bright indirect light, tolerate low light and can dry out between waterings. Adding them to your decoration is as simple as it is charming.

Which Indoor Plants Are Best for Purifying The Air?

Best plants purify air

The best indoor plants for air-purification are the Peace Lily and the Devil's Ivy, which release a great amount of oxygen to the air, working as cleansing options for your room.

Give the Peace Lily medium light and water when the soil dries and it will thank you with white flowers flourishing beautifully. The Devil’s Ivy thrives through the lowest lights and needs around two waterings a week.

Which Plant Is Best for The Bedroom?

best plant bedroom

Besides the cleansing ones mentioned, your bedroom would be even cozier with the friendly Philodendron. Its medium leaves will fill in that spot in your bedroom and give more harmony to this precious space.

They can stand being in dark corners and need watering once a week.

Is space a problem? Go for Succulents, which require little space and will complement that bookshelf perfectly! They are super diverse and independent, some water once a week is enough.

Which Plant Is Best for The Living Room?

Best plant living room

For appealing looks, place the trendy Monstera deliciosa in your living room. It will provide a nice exotic touch and ask for moist soil and indirect light in return.

Another cool-looking option are the Kalanchoe’s colorful flowers. The care level is easy, with indirect light and a dry out between waterings.

Also, if you are after the best big indoor plant, the Parlor Palm is an elegant option that can reach six feet tall! It enjoys medium indirect light, but tolerates low levels. It is best to let it dry before watering again.

Which Plants Should Not Be Kept Indoors?

Plant not kept indoors

When thinking of the types of greenery to avoid bringing indoors, there are the ones that can be harmful to pets and the ones that simply do not work indoors.

The first ones include the easy-to-care Dracaena marginata, the stylish String of Pearls and the classic English Ivy. If you have furry friends, avoid these.

Also, there are those such as Cacti that simply will not have a thriving life if put indoors, as they need direct bright sunlight.

No matter what is your demand: our landscaping and interior decoration workers will end your struggles.

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