A side yard garden decorated with plants of various shapes and colors, with garden borders made of stacked stones

The best low-maintenance landscaping tips are planting in containers, choosing plants that don’t require attention, replacing the lawn with hardscaping or artificial lawns, and planting shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and other hard-to-kill plants.

Having a beautiful garden doesn't mean you need to spend lots of time and money. Multiple landscaping tricks ensure your house has a beautiful and lush front yard. Are you interested in knowing more about it? Start reading!

What Are The Easiest Types Of Landscaping To Maintain? 10 Ideas!

In general, there is not a single answer for having effortless landscaping, however, there are several ways in which you can make your front and backyard easier to maintain. These include using perennial plants, replacing grass with hardscaping or artificial turfs, and so on.

So, you will learn 10 ways to achieve the best low-maintenance landscaping in your house. Check them out in the list below!

1. Artificial Turf

Zoom in on artificial grass in an indoor setting

Grass lawn is the most traditional way of landscaping, but it has some implications. Watering, mowing, removing weeds… Lots of work! Instead, you can use an artificial turf that requires almost no maintenance at all, making it one of the best low-maintenance backyard landscaping ideas.

2. Native Plants

A bouquet of Black-eyed Susans in full bloom for decoration and landscaping

As a rule of thumb, native plants tend to need less effort to upkeep than species from different parts of the country. They will also grow faster, require less water, and be less prone to diseases. So don't hesitate to add native flowers like the black-eyed Susan!

3. Perennials

Blooming bud of lavandulas stoechas in a garden

One way to avoid a lot of work from our landscaping is to replace your annual plans with perennial ones. This kind doesn’t bloom as long, but it will not be necessary to plant them every year, as they have periods of dormancy but come back as strong as before.

A famous example is lavender with its beautiful colors and amazing fragrance.

4. Hardscaping

An open garden near a dense forest, with a few chairs and a table with a parasol. A concrete path on the ground.

Have you heard about hardscaping? It is a type of landscaping that uses non-living elements, such as rocks, gravel, concrete, and wood, in the form of pathways, walls, pergolas, fences, and gates. Including this kind of permanent feature will greatly reduce the amount of your garden needs.
Evergreens, Shrubs,

5. Evergreens, Shrubs, And Bushes

A neatly organized and beautifully designed from entrace with bushes and evergreens

An interesting way to create living fences and occupy the space of your yard is by using evergreens, bushes, and shrubs. Once established, you will need more effort to kill them than to keep them alive. The boxwood is one of the best low-maintenance bushes for landscaping.

6. Temperature Suited Plants

Side profile picture of wild decorative barberry plants with a beautiful orange hue tone

If you do not like the native plant options for your state, the next best thought is to choose plants from your temperature zone. The most reliable source for this information is de USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

7. Automatic Watering

An automatic water sprinkler watering plants in a backyard

Do you want a full, natural, and green lawn but do not want to be bothered to water it manually every day? Invest in an automatic watering system. There are a few types to choose from, sprinkles, driples, self-irrigant pots… One of them will surely suit your yard and pocket.

8. Mulch For Weed-Preventing

3 yellow tulips blooming in a flowerbed

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil around plants. It serves multiple purposes, including weed suppression, moisture retention, soil insulation, and erosion control. The organic mulches, such as wood chips, bark, straw, or compost, gradually decompose and enrich the soil.

9. Container Garden

A garden arranged in various ceramic pots with plants of different shapes and colors

If you have little space but still want beautiful and colorful landscaping, planting exclusively in containers and pots may be a great solution. This way you can also change the arrangement whenever you feel like it.

10. Drought Tolerant Plants

A well mantained and nice looking bush of purple and blue hydrangea

If your dream is to be able to plant once and forget about it, then choose species that are almost impossible to kill and thrive just for being alone. Hydrangeas are optimal for this scenario but there are others!

What Is The Most Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plant?

Many plants will survive in your garden no matter what you do (or forget to do in this case). The most common ones are:

  • Desert Rose;
  • Sedum;
  • Armenia;
  • Butterfly Weed;
  • Persian Shield;
  • Oakleaf Hydrangea; and
  • First Frost Hosta.

Interested in changing your yards to achieve a better look without spending too much time and effort? Ask one of our pro landscapers and get the best professional help possible!

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