Laying Down the Groundwork for your New Construction

When you’re invested in new construction on a new property, you’re going to need some major foundation work. And before you can get to that, you need to clear the area for your foundation. So for the best route on both groundwork and foundation installation, read on.

First Stage, Land Clearing

New home construction to add curb appeal
New home construction. Additions and remodels.

Before any concrete construction can occur, first the land must be cleared of any debris, rubble, brushes, branches, stones, and the like. This is usually done with heavy machinery, like bulldozers, that knock everything obtrusive away from the designated area. Per acre this will probably run you roughly $100 dollars per hour. So it is possible to spend about $2,000 on clearing out a normally sized residential property. While that does sound expensive, this is the essential first step to creating new construction.

Next Stage, Grading

Just like raking a zen garden, grading down an area is an attempt to flatten out the hills and valleys of the property before any cement is poured. The entire premise is based on making the land as flat and workable as possible in as short a time as possible. For most cases this could mean a few days, or more likely a few half days. Each proportionate times can cost roughly $150 per day. This must take place to ensure that the next step is performed in a timely fashion.

Thirdly, Excavation in the Area

The last phase of the land clearing revolves around excavating the tilled land. For most regions this is done again with bulldozers and backhoes. There are occasionally unforgiving regions so filled with rock and boulders (either mountainous or coastal) that dynamite must be used, but for the most part heavy equipment is applicable. The object is to dig a hole in the ground that concrete can easily be poured into, regardless of the shape. Once this step is complete the foundation building stages can finally begin.

Moving on to the Concrete Construction

When Laying Down a Flat Slab

Concrete foundation work and concrete slabs
Concrete foundation work

For the most basic design in home foundation, a flat slab of concrete is poured over the excavated area to create a simple foundation to the home. While not particularly common, they are certainly the most economically forgiving method by which to create a foundation for cheap. It only uses a fraction of the cement at a fraction of the cost. This technique will run about $20,000 dollars.

Creating a Crawl Space Type Basement

A crawl space foundation is exactly what it seems, having the actual unit of the home elevated above the concrete. This creates a gap between the two with several applications. First, any repairman with work that needs to be done will have an easier time accessing the guts of your home. Secondly, it helps protect against any infesting insects or termites. And thirdly, it serves to defend against flood damage on a core level. This can cost around $30,000.

The Full Basement Installation

The final form of foundation is the all out basement installation. This may be costly, but can add the most value to your home. The process is longer and more involved, but essentially doubles the amount of space in your home right off the bat. As a standalone feature, it is the longest lasting part of the house, and will remain long after the wood has rotted away. This process costs varying amounts as an installation.

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