If you are a homeowner, you most likely already had some plumbing issues to take care of and hated it. Both because of the problem itself and the money it costed. On this account, here are several advices on how to keep the plumbing system working properly and how to avoid future problems.

“Common sense is not so common.” - Voltaire

Check your water pressure

High water pressure can cause you trouble.
High water pressure can cause you trouble. Image Source: Bob Vila

Taking a nice bath with that water running down abundantly is without a shadow of doubt wonderful, but it can also be really bad for your pipes. High water pressure can bring leaks, and if you take too long to take care of it, you might have to deal with replacing the entire line.

A pressure gauge is easy and cheap to buy at any hardware store and once you have it, it becomes easy to check the pressure on a more regular basis. When you find it above normal standards, you will need to get a professional to install or repair the pressure regulator of your house.

Be careful with your faucet

Be careful when shutting the faucet handle.
Be careful when opening and shutting the faucet handle. Image source: Popsugar

Not only your shower gets affected by the water pressure, but the kitchen and bathroom faucets will also suffer over it. If the pressure is too high, aside from leaking, it might originate a bit of corrosion as well.

Extra tip: be careful when shutting the faucet handle. If you force it too much, it might wear down a lot sooner than it should.

Pay attention to your kitchen sink

Careful with the garbage disposal!
Careful with the garbage disposal! Image source: Decor Apartment

If you’re one of those people who think having garbage disposal is the best thing ever because you can just throw everything down there, then it’s good to rethink that. The rule you should follow is: if you can’t chew it with your teeth, don’t throw it down the drain.

More than that,

Be cautious when cooking with oil, grease or fat. They may seem harmless when melted, but once they start to cool, they harden and that’s a one-way-ticket to clogging your sink. So always have an extra bottle to put away those kinds of residues.

Tip: Pour boiling hot water down the drain at least once a week. This helps kill most of the germs that build up over time.

Use a drain cover

If your drain is clogged, that could lead to more serious issues.
If you drain is clogged, that could lead to more serious issues. Image source: Fine Homebuilding

Besides from hair that falls off, it’s very common when taking a shower that you forget to take off any piece of jewelry you might be wearing. These are often causes of a clogged drain and the prime choice for preventing this is to use a screen. You’ll be reducing the clogging chances almost to the fullest.


You should clean the drain by taking off the screen every few months.

Get a Plunger

Of course, chemical products are a lot easier and most of the times more efficient than any other means of cleaning. On the other hand, they ruin your drain lines significantly quicker. Plungers may be a bit of handiwork, but they are a great way to escape from future stress.

In case you feel like the drain needs some extra cleaning, here’s a good hack:

Use a teaspoon of baking soda and pour some vinegar over it.

Fixing clogged toilets

The toilet is not for flushing down your fish!
The toilet is not for flushing down your fish! Image source: Diryell

Many people use to flush all sorts of things down the toilet, but the ideal is that nothing except toilet paper goes down there. On the chance of you being one of those people, the baking soda plus vinegar trick works amazingly to unclog your toilet as well. But make a note not to throw things down there anymore.

Important to remember

Pay attention to your house and be aware o plumbing issues signs.
Pay attention to your house and be aware of plumbing issues warning signs. Image source: Country Living

There are two more things you need to know on the subject. First, even though it’s something you won’t use that often, it’s important to know where is the main shut-off valve of your house, in case of emergencies.

And at last, don’t keep procrastinating when it comes to plumbing. If you find something’s wrong, fix it right away before it turns into an even bigger problem.

By following these tips, you will save a lot of money while making your pipeline last much longer.

Got a leaky faucet, low water pressure or any other plumbing problem? Get a quote for a local plumber!

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