The way we wear jewelry helps to define how other people see us in our day to day life. The great thing about jewelry, however, is that with just a touch of creativity you can use it for other purposes, too. For instance, many homeowners are beginning to decorate their favorite home spaces with their favorite jewelry pieces. This new trend brings a double benefit – allowing you to showcase your jewelry to keep your home’s decor uniquely your own and keeping all your jewelry organized and in great quality. Here are just a few points of inspiration to get you started on your very own DIY jewelry decorating project.

Earring-Spangled Wall

Somehow it always seems like earrings multiply the moment they’re throw in with all the other sets on the vanity. Worse yet, keeping all your earrings together in a disorganized pile quickly gets them tangled up and even damaged. If you’re running into similar issues why not try a living room earring exhibition? All you need for a quirky and chic “earring notice board” is a cork board that can be hung in your living room. Once the board is hung, start hanging your earrings on it in fun and funky patterns and you’ll have a stunning and highly functional feature.

Brooch-Enriched Lounge

If you pay attention to the way famous people dress, you will see that brooches are one of the hottest accessories this season. Many women get brooches and similar items handed down to them from their mothers and grandmothers, which means many homeowners already are equipped with a perfect chance to glam up their space with a new brooch decoration display.

After your living room has been decorated with your earrings, consider installing a brooch showcase somewhere in your lounge area as an additional accent feature. It’s easy to design an eye-catching display that’s sure to get your guests talking every time they come over.

Bracelet-Friendly Bedrooms and Dining Rooms

Bracelets are prone to getting tangled up just as much as earrings. So, if you’re less than careful about their maintenance, your bracelets could easily get scratched or broken altogether. Since you are already on your way to making your home shine and glitter with your jewelry showcases, why not add bracelets to the mix in your bedroom decorating in a one-of-a-kind addition.

Alternately, you could use your bracelets as elegant napkin holders for fancy dinners and entertaining. Design your own perfect arrangement and show off your personal taste right in your dining room. Additionally, you can make attractive bracelets holders, where both the bracelets and the holders will have a decorative function.

Light-Reflecting Stones


As you’re raising the bar on your home decor, think about bringing some precious stones to your newly renovated space. Place them on your mantelpiece to make the whole room sparkle and shine like a jewelry store shop window or simply display them in a decorative vase or two throughout the house to lend easy elegance to any space.

If you’re not sure where to get such dazzling items, take a look at costume jewelry in local thrift shops. In appearance they provide the same glamour of authentic jewels, though without the sizable price tag, these glass pieces will send your place to a whole new level of interior design.

The real beauty of making your home a shiny and happy place is hidden in these original and often homemade ideas. Using your jewelry pieces to rejuvenate your living space is as unique as it gets. Not only will this add a whole new enchantment to your space, but may also get you inspired to explore other home remodeling and personalization projects in the days ahead.

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Derek B. Lotts is a writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Smooth Decorator, a site focused on home improvement and décor. You can follow him on Twitter.

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