The kitchen is where the magic happens during the holidays, so why not make sure it’s decorated to look as magical as possible? Check out these different Christmas kitchen decor ideas to get a sense of the possibilities you can have in your home. So take a look and see what works in your kitchen this Christmas dinner.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” - Charles Dickens

Candles and Pine Cones

Holiday candles make every event more festive!
Everything is more festive with candle displays. Source: Huffington Post

One of the simplest ideas that can generate the most atmosphere are candles and pine cones as decor. Usually colored red or white, candles already add ambiance to any room they’re placed in. And while candles are great for kitchen island Christmas decorating ideas, pine cones make for the perfect Christmas decorating above kitchen cabinets. The contrast between candles and pine cones can certainly make for an easy to display Christmas background. Try adding this decor to the following:

  • Hallways
  • Mud rooms
  • Counters
  • Buffet tables
  • Around windows
  • Coffee table
  • Fireplace mantels

Ornaments Around the Table

Another item on the list of Christmas kitchen decor ideas are ball ornaments around the table. This serves as both decor and a conversation starter. Perhaps you’re of the traditional type, setting golden brass ornaments around the platters. Or maybe you’re into more modern items that resemble your favorite Christmas movies or cartoons. You can go all out and add a kitchen Christmas tree.

Red and Green

Red and white interior kitchen design
And amazing retro look in the modern age. Source: Trendir

One of the most festive ways to subtly decorate your home with Christmas tidings is to add red and green flair to your home. Christmas kitchen cabinets can stand to have ribbon, tinsel, and even wreaths added to complete the festive spirit. Try out the following in your kitchen this year and find out what works for your kitchen space.

  • Glass jars full of ornaments
  • Candy canes
  • Striped wreaths
  • Cherries
  • Red and white ornaments
  • Cones
  • White plates
  • Red cups
  • DIY decor
  • A kitchen Christmas tree

Hints of Wreaths Everywhere

The one thing that is always in season for the winter season is wreaths. Christmas kitchen accessories can always feature wreaths, even if it’s just a gentle nod. Try lining some ribbon around the railing for a Christmas effect. This can be on your front door or sublty in the background of the kitchen.


The only difference between food and good is one letter
Delicious holiday food brings everyone together. Source: Epicurious

Of course the best way to celebrate Christmas in any home is to feed your friends and family. Christmas kitchens across the nation can enjoy a wide range of dishes to make the holiday more festive. Try out any of the following recipes this season for a treat that the whole crew will love.

The Wooden Touch to the Holiday Season

The amazing tradition of Christmas kitchen decor
Use the wood your kitchen came with for Christmas. Source: The Kitchen Think

There’s a certain intrinsic charm that wood has in every home. Sometimes the answer isn’t in Christmas kitchen accessories but rather working with the wooden fixtures in your home. Warm woods can make any home interior seem more amiable, no matter how cold it is outside. And that’s what it all comes down to with holidays, beating the cold outside with the warmth and cheer found with friends and family.

Ideas with Wood

Butcher block countertops certainly make a statement, but can be difficult to maintain. So look to wooden kitchen cabinets stained in brighter colors to really bring out the holiday spirit. Kitchen islands can especially benefit from a wooden base, made all the more appealing with a granite countertop placement.

Any advice for Christmas kitchen decor? Or tips on how to decorate the kitchen this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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