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How Much Does it Cost to Restore Marble in Denver?

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Marble Restoration can increase the value of your home by $308

Marble is one of the most famous natural stones that can be used in many places in your home. It has a long history of usage that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. Marble is highly durable and is proven to withstand extreme weather conditions and exposure to elements. If you want proof of their durability, just look for the Greek statues and temples that were built out of marble. They are centuries old, but they survive long enough to let us all see a glimpse of what life was like before. Today, marble can be seen in many home floorings and countertops. However, with age and usage, marble can lose its shine and may experience wear and tear. If this happens, it is best to hire a marble restoration Denver service. Marble restoration Denver is essential in maintaining the quality of the marble. Restoration includes cleaning, polishing, honing, grinding, and color enhancing. A professional marble restoration Denver service can bring back the beauty and luster of any marble floor and countertop.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of marble restoration Denver is determined by the size of the marble stone and the damages that have to be fixed. Because marble is durable, it barely incurs damages like cracks. The number one reason for a Denver marble restoration is when it starts losing its luster. It can become dull and a real sore to the eyes. To fix this problem, the most common form of marble restoration which is polishing should be done. Polishing can be applied on any marble surface, regardless of whether it is a marble floor or countertop. However, the price may vary, and you may expect to pay more for polishing or restoring a floor that occupies a larger area than a countertop surface.

Estimated final cost for marble restoration

Item Quantity Fair Price
Countertop Labor 9.2 Hours $429.66
Countertop Job Materials and Supplies 100 Square Feet $53.46
Totals - Cost to Refinish Countertops - 108 Square Feet $483.11
Average Cost Per Square Foot $4.83

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Marble restoration Denver costs may also depend on the expense of the materials and labor cost. Materials needed for polishing a dull marble include sandpapers, paraffin wax, and clothes which can cost around $100 to $300. A professional labor cost of Denver marble restoration is estimated to be around $85 to $150, depending on the surface area and the time consumed for the project. Some people may tend to restore their marble stones on their own without thinking about the consequences. It is always advisable to hire a professional for your Denver marble restoration needs.

Denver County Marble Restoration FAQ

Age and damages are the two determining factors of when you should get a marble restoration. If your marble has been around your home for more than 5 years, there is a possibility that it might look dull and lifeless now. Wear and tear can take its toll on any marble surface. If you notice that your marble is no longer shiny like before, it is time to have it restored. If your marble also has visible damages due to impact, it is also a good sign. Your budget can also determine why and when you should get a marble restoration. Remember that restoration is far cheaper than replacement.

The frequency of marble restoration depends on how often you use your marble surface and its functionality in your home. If It is on your floor, you might need to have it restored every 2 years because of the heavy foot traffic that it endures. Countertops, on the other hand, may be restored as soon as they are damaged or if they are no longer shiny.

Most companies recommend waiting for 24 hours to pass before using the newly restored marble stones.

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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