With a history that stretches back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, it’s no wonder that baths have become staples in most homes. But why rely on a too-small, boring, shower-and-bath combination set-up? A good tub allows you to stretch out, soak in the suds, and engage in some much-needed self-care, and the best tubs let you do it all in style. So why settle?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the coolest bathtubs out there. From stand-alone tubs to sunken tubs, porcelain to, well, other materials, and ergonomic to hydromassage capable, the options are endless. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up inspired and thinking about your own bathroom remodel; trust us, temptation runs high with these tubs!

15. Relaxation Fit for Two

Two seater jet hot tub for your bathroom
Two person tub Pinterest

Most bathtubs, even if they are big enough to be comfortable, aren’t well-suited for two. But with this innovative tub, both you and your sweetie can relax together at the end of a long day. With two separate headrests and plenty of legroom, there’s ample space for you both to unwind!

14. Easy to See Comfort

Hydromassage model that looks like it's from the future
Visible tub Hometone

This tub has so much to offer for any bather - not only does it have transparent walls for a unique relaxing experience, it also includes water jets for hydromassage and an ergonomic bottom shape for optimal tension release. As a stand alone tub, it can be positioned anywhere!

13. Sleek Simplicity

Sleek design for a unique tub
Sleek tub Pinterest

Similar to the above bathtub, this tub offers a transparent wall and ergonomic relaxation shape but as a space-saving, built-in option. The shelves beside it offer great space for extra towels or books, too!

12. Deep Relaxation

Totally custom tub remodel for your bathroom
Custom tub HGTV

As much as they claim to be, bathtubs are not one-size-fits-all, and extra tall bathers may need a deeper tub to be able to relax. This particular bathtub offers just the depth they need, without sacrificing comfort or style!

11. Deep Muscle Massage

Tripled seater tub with jets and heat
Spacious hot tub design Buzzfeed

Talk about comfort! This extra spacious bathtub offers plenty of room for relaxation. To top it all off, it also includes numerous water jets at different angles for relieving tension in any of the muscle groups in your body. Perfect after a long workout!

10. Waterfalls of Satisfaction

Like bathing in a natural waterfall, from the comfort of your own bathroom
Waterfall bathtub Pinterest

The unique shape of this tub, along with the flowing, minimalist design and constant waterfall, offer an experience like no other. The ever-flowing water will keep the bath warm and full while you’re in it; the clean design makes a stylistic statement in your bathroom.

9. A Fireside Retreat

A truly unique bathroom remodeling invention, overflow tub next to a fireplace
Overflow bath near a fireplace CoolShire

This built-in tub offers the unique experience of warming up with a bath and by the fire at the same time! Inspired by infinity pools, this bathtub lets you fill the tub right to the top, and then some, all while keeping you warm and cozy while you settle in by the fireplace. Perfect for the cold winter months!

8. Lay Back and Unwind

A hammock bathtub, because what could be more relaxing?
Bathtub hammock Buzzfeed

Ever wondered how comfortable it would be if you could soak in a bath while also in your hammock? Well, with this bathtub (yes, it’s a bathtub!), wonder no more! Combining the sleek, elegant look of a hammock with the comfort and design of a bath, you can lounge for hours on end in your own private relaxation area.

7. Stone-Cold Satisfaction

Sunken tubs are quickly rising in popularity
Sunken tubs Tumblr

If you’re looking for a tub that matches the sleek material of the hammock tub without the hammock element, we’ve found one for you too...but you’ll have to look down to find it! Sunken tubs are becoming much more popular in bathroom interior design, and it’s easy to see why. With the streamlined look of this tub right next to the big open window, why would you ever leave?

6. Soak in Contentment

Soak in treatment for relaxing in water
Different type of sunken HGTV

Another example of a sunken tub, this option in more traditional acrylic offers ample space to relax, decorative storage, plenty of light (which is a plus if you like to read in the tub!). Keeping the shower in an enclosed area separate from the bath ensures that your alone time is just that - alone time.

5. Wooden Retreat

Even wood can be turned into a beautiful custom bathtub
Wooden tubs Pinterest

If you’re interested in something a little more exciting than acrylic, why not look for a tub made from a unique material, like wood? Wooden tubs can complete your interior design, serve as a focal point in the master bath, and offer a one-of-a-kind bathing experience.

4. Green With Envy

Green tone masterpiece in the bathroom
Elegant Pinterest

Wood not your thing? How do you feel about malachite? This bathtub was created out of the beautiful, two-toned green stone in the traditional clawfoot tub style. The beauty and style are hard to match, but this bathtub doesn’t need accent pieces - it stands alone.

3. Royal Relaxation

Beautiful, decadent claw foot tubs
The same in purple Pinterest

If you’re looking for something flashier than malachite but still within the realm of natural materials, check out this amethyst tub! Made out of the deep, royal purple gemstone with golden finishes, this bathtub could make any bather feel like royalty!

2. A Bath Fit for a King (or Queen!)

For when you want to take a bath at a disco club
Disco tub EMGN

Even flashier than amethyst, this Swarovski-encrusted crystal tub makes a bold statement no matter where you put it! Coupled with a classy light fixture and silver serving tray, it’s the picture of elegance and luxury.

...and, finally…

1. The Limit of Luxury!

Includes one kitchen sink (just kidding)
The ultimate tub Pinterest

This tub, named the Red Diamond Bathtub, comes complete with not one but two retractable HDTVs, a waterproof remote, tub massagers, multicolored lighting, and a swarovski-encrusted champagne holder. Not only does the computer let you program your bath in advance, but it also regulates water temperature for you so you don’t have to worry about the water getting too cold. The model of decadence in a bathtub - what more could you want?

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