In the commercial scene, it isn't news that what is beautiful is also attractive to the customers. After years or months with the same landscape on the property, a renovation can be just what your business needs to attract new clients. But how to execute such an important improvement project while keeping the doors open?

There are a handful of aspects that can affect your commercial landscape renovation, and taking them into consideration is the key to a smooth project. Keep reading to find out when is the best time to renovate your commercial property’s landscape! 

What Are Your Priorities?

While thinking about the perfect period of time for the landscape renovation, you should have in mind what are your priorities in relation to the consequences the project may bring. 

Choosing the best time for a project of this type requests considering what are the obstacles you are willing to go over and what are the ones you want to avoid. Every season has its benefits and limitations, therefore you should choose what is more favorable for you and your business company.

Consider the Weather

The weather has always been an important topic to think of while organizing a project, no matter what type it is. But especially in landscape projects, which indeed receive a direct effect from the climate, the weather must be taken into consideration.

In general, when considering the weather, the best time to do a landscape project is during Spring and Summer seasons. These are the easiest months to deal with most things you might want to change during the renovation project, from lawn to painting exterior walls.

If you live in a warmer area where the summer can be too hot for exterior projects, another period considered good for landscape renovation would be the fall, which is actually better specifically for the lawn area. However, it’s recommended to avoid the winter months due to the potential freezing of the ground, which would be a big hindrance during the project.

Customers Movement

Although the result of a landscape renovation would be a new attraction for the customers, the process of renovating may keep some of them away too. Everybody knows how messy, loud and uncomfortable improvement projects can be during their proceedings. 

With that in mind, choosing a period of time that won’t prejudice the customers' movement is a good move.

Thinking in this way, in general, the most recommended season would be summer when most people usually travel due to the holidays and vacation. But also considering that the type of business influences the high demand season, if late fall isn’t a slow season for your company, it may not be the best time for it.

Financial Cost

One of the most thought-out topics, without a doubt. While planning projects like a renovation landscape, you should have in mind you’ll spend a certain amount of money, therefore it’s normal for you to seek the best ways of spending the least money possible.

With that in mind, the most common way of finding the cheapest prices of the materials and services you’d need for the project is acquiring all you need in slow seasons, commonly winter and fall. 

With the demand low in those seasons, the prices normally get low too, giving you the chance to get the best prices for materials and services without wasting time searching too much.

Other Things to Consider

As previously quoted, you should choose what is the most favorable for you and your company. Therefore, any point which may get in the way of the renovation landscape must be well thought out in order to avoid future issues of any kind. Think of your employers, your business type, the future of the company, etc.

Changing for the new can be complicated sometimes, but it’s always a good thing. So if you’re interested in renovating your commercial landscaping, you need to do some research and come up with a good plan.

Contact local landscaping services to inquire about the cost of the project, available landscape designers, as well as other info you need to decide on the best time to go for it. 

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