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There are few things that are more certain to help people unwind than lightning up a candle. This small ritual can feel like a little luxury for some, as it is a comforting and relaxing way to cozy up your space.

This habit warms up any environment, and is key in most situations you want to set a welcoming mood. It is not different for special holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day.

If you intend to host an event or simply align your house to the theme, Irish candles can create an ambiance that will make you feel surrounded by good fortune. Besides, you will be making a direct reference to the candle in the window Irish tradition!

Read on to get inspired!

Saint Patrick’s Day Candles

Saint Patrick's day candles

The Irish traditional practice of putting a lighted candle in the window during Christmas time is an old habit that is cherished by those who have Irish roots and those who appreciate this country’s culture.

If you want to honor this tradition, or simply add warmth and comfort to your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, you can choose between different alternatives of candles. Take a look!

Irish originals

You can opt for buying candles made in Ireland, praising the local production with your purchase. They will bring good luck and originality to your place!

Irish Scents

Irish Spring candles are a fairly common scent for you to adopt to your ambiance. If you want more variety, here are some smells people often relate to Ireland:

  • Fresh Sea Air
  • Irish Cider
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Blooming Heather

Shaped candles

Get the most out of the symbols that surround this date! Get pots of gold, leprechauns, or shamrock-shaped candles that will be instantly associated with the theme you want to refer to!

Candles with diverse symbols

This option is a more diverse decoration strategy, as you can use any kind of candle with all sorts of Saint Patrick’s symbols and colors wrapped around it. Another option is using thematic candle holders, as they are a quite versatile solution.

Candle wreaths

Using some greenery and candles will get you a nice candle wreath. This is a beautiful way to decorate that will provide a natural-decor vibe and can be used as a centerpiece on your table.

Creating a mood for your environment with Irish candles can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the best decoration tricks. Not sure what to do about it? Reach out to our licensed decorators to help you on this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

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