A playroom is a wonderful and fun part of child development. It may seem to be a simple step, but it’s more fundamental than you think. Maria Montessori, child psychoanalyst, and many other specialists found that kids learn more through interacting with their surroundings. Therefore, a playroom is essential to expand their social, intellectual, psychological, cognitive, psychomotor and emotional development.

Keep the playroom colorful! Source: Project Nursery

A Place for Play

A chalkboard wall is a great way to encourage their creativity. Source: Cool Mom Picks

All parents know how it is to walk through the house trying not to step on a minefield of toys.

Here's the solution:

A playroom! It’s an entire space dedicated for the education of your kid, which is always a concern for parents. It’s also safer, since they’re on a space without stoves, electrical wires, and all, like the kitchen or living room. You can build a safe space and at the same time incredibly colorful and fun, teaching your children how to be creative.

What’s Around

Add a mirror for encourage dancing. Source: LayBabyLay

All kids are naturally interested in exploring their environment. It’s a period of discovering the world. That’s why they want to touch, bite, throw on the floor, smell, see everything the new found object does.


Being in a room filled with tools to help them improve and learn can do wonders. Put a variety of activities, such as:

  • Costumes to play dress up 
  • Construction toys like big wooden blocks and LEGOs 
  • An art station 
  • Books 
  • And more
Avoid LEGOs and other small toys around babies. Source: Bloglovin

Another factor is the age of your kids. If they’re not old enough to be alone in the playroom, it’s important you get an inspection on the whole room first, checking if there are open outlets, mold, glass objects that can get broken, sources of fire, chemicals that can be ingested.

If it's for babies, you’ll also have to look out to not leave them playing with very small toys, like LEGOs, or other toys that can be disassembled and swallowed.

Safety tip: Install a nanny cam so you have an eye on what’s happening there from whenever you are.

Get Inspired

For those expecting a baby or looking to build a new playroom for your kids, check out these ideas. According to the age and the style you want, create a playroom that will grow up with your children. There’s no limit to decorating and constructing this incredible place for them to enjoy through the years.

Little House

Build a small house for them! Source: Chris Loves Julia

A playroom as a house within a house. Definitely a room where they can make up a whole new universe. A contractor can build the fake house entrance in any style, even as a castle, a treehouse or anything else you wish for. This idea goes from a nursery room to a playroom until they’re grown kids.

DIY Dress Up

Your kids will love to dress up! Source: OldHousetoNewHome

Inspire your kid to be social and experimental with costumes to try on for home plays or simply to wear around the house or at school. Don’t take things too serious and always dress them meticulously, let them have freedom to wear superhero costumes, play dress up and get the clothes dirty with grass and mud when they’re playing with the dog in the yard.

Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is always fun! Source: FleeceFun

A major tool for exploring creativity and decorating at the same time. Make sure the chalkboard paint and chalk are all non-toxic. With just a few coats of paint, the room will have a lot more personality and being versatile for many styles.

Reading corner

Every playroom should have a reading corner. Source: Mommo Design

Teach them how to fall in love with books by making a special space for reading. Add color and magic by displaying the books showing the covers, or all organized in a little nook.

Display the book covers to spart their curiosity. Source: Cool Mom Picks

Art Gallery

Add frames to showcase their art. Source: DIY and Mag

Proud parents can make their kids super happy by showing them you loved their art, putting the paintings on the wall. Hang the artwork with thread on the wall like a clothing drying line, which allows you to change the drawings often or nail empty frames on the wall to be easily changed too.

The kids will love to have their own gallery wall! Source: Design Improvised

Encouraging to Dream

Encourage your kid to try new things! Source: Fun at Home With Kids

Add boards and details to get them inspired to try new things and maybe already get interested in a particular activity or field early on.

Organizing Made Right

Make organization easier. Source: Keeping Up With The Souths

Keeping things organized shows the importance of learning the value of your belongings and taking care of them. There are countless way of maintaining the room at least a little tidy while having a cool look, like these magnet bars to separate and display metal miniature cars.


You can also transform the living room into a playroom. Source: Brit.Co

In case a separated room isn’t possible, integrate the playroom space with the rest of your house by assembling some bean bags on the floor and clearing an area around to spread toys. Child-friendly and still very neutral and classy combined with the rest of the decor.

Minimizing clutter

Keeping things organized shouldn't be a hard task. Source: The Sunny Side Up

Maintaining everything in the right place isn’t easy, but filling a closet with shelves can help a lot. Separate some art supplies, small toys, games and more in labeled boxes. Fast to reach and clutter-free.

Word Play

Add letters to inspire them! Source: Cup of Jo

A great way to encourage the little ones to practice writing and reading is putting together a word game. This magnet wall allows them to play with the letters in an easy and creative way.

Add the alphabet on the wall to encourage them to start reading! Source: Project Nursery

Another option is the classic alphabet on the wall. There are so many ways of decorating the letters, so choose something that suits the room theme and turns learning more dynamic.


A treehouse is always fun! Source: Marathigazal

A really fun idea to create an unforgettable playroom. Specially if you live in a big city, having a place to inspire your children to love nature has a very positive effect on their adult lives. An adventure room like these helps them to become explorers, enticing curiosity and teaching respect for animals and the environment.

Look at how fun this playroom is! Source: Two Thirty Five Designs

Inspiration is Key

Keep the room inspiring! Source: Pinterest

At such a young age, kids will pick up on every subtle or remarkable details about the parents, mirroring on their own behavior. Show them your values, what you like, what you respect and look for in life. Show positive things that they can aspire to, like the world map wall pointing out new places and horizons.

Safe Place Tent

A tent is a great addition to the playroom! Source: Apartment Therapy

It’s normal to look for a safe place in the house. A tent like this can be easily constructed and completes a playroom. Sometimes just some fabric stretched over a wooden structure, a fluffy rug and pillows do the trick.

Look at how cute this color combination is! Source: Mommo Design

With cute decoration and comfort, this can be a reading, painting, playing corner that doesn’t take a lot of assembling and it’s quite affordable. Even when there’s no playroom, creating a tent corner on another room, where you spend most of your time in the house for example, will work well to help you keep an eye on the kids and maintain them entertained throughout the day.

Going that Extra Mile

Add hanging chairs to make the space even more fun! Source: Universo Mamma 

For the ultimate playroom, why not install swings? They work better on high ceilings and should be for more grown up kids, of course. But no doubt this would be completely awesome for any house. Contact a professional to install them safely and place bean bags or mattresses around. Take that extra step and turn your playroom epic.

Tea Time

Tea time is always fun time. Source: Apartment Therapy

A small table and chairs double up as art and tea station. Whether your kids want to have tea with you, their teddy bears or dolls, the tea table is an adorable solution to provide play space and have them a little more chill between the running around the house hours. They also like to imitate tasks observed on grown ups, so if they see you decorating cupcakes for example, give them a fake cupcake set for them to paint too (plastic decorative cupcakes). The same can be applied to any other activity in the same range.

Slip and Slide

Slip and slide is a must! Source: Baby Center

A staple for a dream playroom. Simple to have built and very entertaining for when more kids come over for birthday parties and playdates.

Enjoying watching your kids grow up happy and healthy is the greatest joy for parents. It’s a time that doesn’t come back, so remember to embrace every moment and play with them as much as you can in this magical room you just built. Although a playroom is a fun and important part of their growth, nothing replaces lost time. Have fun with your kids and build amazing memories!

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