Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and there’s no better period of the year for you to get creative and put your best ideas into action. There’s room for creepy, whimsical, and even adorable depending on how you want to decorate.

Read below some Halloween decorating ideas for you to get into the vibe of the spookiest time of the year:

1. Traditional Carved Pumpkins

It isn’t Halloween if you don’t have any pumpkins around. Carved pumpkins (aka jack-o’-lanterns) are by far the most popular Halloween decoration idea and for good reason.

Pumpkins are easy to come by (especially around this time of the year) so you’re guaranteed to find one in time for Halloween.

They’re commonly placed on outdoor areas like porch steps, gardens, or roofs. However, if you want to change things up a little bit, you can personalize your pumpkins in unique ways. Besides making it scary with the smile and traditional triangle eyes and nose, you can get creative and give it different expressions, such as angry, happy or sad, or with extra elements besides its face, like clothes or made-up hair.

You can find tons of “pumpkin faces online that you can simply copy for your Halloween decor!

2. Make It Old With Spiderwebs

Spiderwebs are great to create an idea of old and abandoned. They are usually placed on furniture or between walls, which gives off even more of the idea of an abandoned place. You can outright purchase spiderwebs made of polyester from a local store, but there are many ways to DIY them.

You can do it yourself with ripped cloth, cotton balls, and aerosol hairspray. Another easy way is to use hot glue and a vacuum together, though that will require a bit of care so you don’t burn yourself!

3. Wall Bats

One of the easiest DIY Halloween decor ideas, this one is usually more used indoors. In order to make your fake bats, all you have to do is cut them out from cardboard paper. Choosing a paper that’s a little thicker is better to ensure the bats stay firm on the walls.

Buy some of your chosen material, print out one or two bat silhouettes, and draw how many bats you want based on the silhouette. You can put up your fake bats with double-sided tape or strings.

Fake bats are actually a pretty flexible idea for Halloween decorations. You can choose to place them anywhere, from the kitchen and living room to the porch or any other outdoor area, as long as it has an adequate structure for the bat setup.

Plus, you can indeed find some fake bats to buy if you keep an eye out in some decorating stores. However, making your bats can be a fun process and even the kids can participate – just be mindful when they’re dealing with scissors.

4. Our Skeleton Friends

Using fake skeletons is a great idea that always enchants everyone, and will certainly impress your neighbors or anyone who passes by your house. Skeletons hit the right spot between being spooky and goofy at the same time.

They are mostly placed in front porches, which is indeed the best place for them to stay. Seeing them from the curb makes for a funny experience, as you can have them sitting down on your porch or standing by the lawn. The best place to find these is in local stores close to Halloween.

5. Candles

Source: BHG
Source: BHG

Mostly recommended for outdoor decoration for safety reasons, the candles in your Halloween decoration can give it a creepy visual, especially the ones in different and dark colors, like red, black, or purple.

Candlesticks are also recommended to improve even more the creepy and scary visual of your decoration. And if you want, there are plenty of LED candles that can be used pretty much anywhere very safely.

6. Poison and Potions Bottles

Source: Darcy Miller
Source: Darcy Miller

Poison bottles are a cute and creative option for DIY Halloween decor, which is indeed more popular for party decor, but you can use it around the house as well. Separate some small bottles, write on paper creative potion names and attach them to the bottles.

You can also attach some strings to them in order to create a more medieval look, as well as add water with coloration inside for a fun effect. Depending on how you prefer and how your decoration planning is going, these poison bottles can be placed anywhere.

A fun idea is to actually fill them with sweet drinks so you can drink them at a Halloween party!

7. Go For The Classics

Source: Michelle’s Party Plan It
Source: Michelle’s Party Plan It

A great way to bring out Halloween ideas is taking inspiration from classic horror movies, and if you already like the genre, you know there’s a lot to take from.

Classic elements, such as the masks of characters like Ghostface, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees would be really creative ways of decorating your porch or interior rooms. If you somehow have access to a mannequin or scarecrow, you can even dress them up like one of these iconic characters, since their masks are easy to find around Halloween.

8. Witch Books

Not only witch books, but witch elements in general can be great decorating objects for you to use as decor, especially in kitchen or living room areas. Things like brooms, magical wands, and pointed hats are some of those witch elements perfect for decorating some interior spaces.

9. Haunted Front Yard

Source: HGTV
Source: HGTV


In a similar style to the idea of using skeletons, a good and popular Halloween decor is setting some ghosts to haunt your front yard. There are several ways of setting up different ghosts in your yard, so you have a lot of affordable options to pick from. Using white sheets or cheesecloth is the most popular idea.

10. Yard Graves

Another popular Halloween decor is to use gravestones on your lawn. They recreate the cemetery visual in your front yard and have a great and creative presence in the scary and conceptual decoration.

Also, those graves can be decorated with other small elements such as spiderwebs, small pumpkins, or fake bones. If you’re going the DIY route, you can even add funny names to the gravestones, such as iconic horror characters or authors.

Give your lawn a trim so the kids can play safely and do a scavenger hunt in the yard. Contact a local landscaping pro and request a free quote!


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