Sometimes home improvement lists come filled with kitchen or bathroom remodels, which are not really that creative since these are the most common projects people tackle on every year. With that in mind, here’s a list with some actually creative home improvement ideas! We compiled some of the best ideas to inspire you – which is basically what we try to do everyday over here! Hope you enjoy them!

“You have to make it happen.” – Denis Diderot

Paint the Ceiling

A painted ceiling will make your home look more modern.
A painted ceiling will make your home look more modern! Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

There’s not a shadow of doubt on the power of paint! Accent walls are a pretty common idea to add something special in your decor nowadays, but why not go a step further and paint an accent ceiling? It certainly looks gorgeous and modern!

Indoor Dog House

Make space so your dog stay closer to you.
Make space so your dog can stay closer to you. Image source: Lighter Side

A very common way to add a doghouse indoors is to use the space under the stairs, which is indeed a good idea, but not everyone has the space. Instead, try this nightstand-house to keep your pooch close to you! It’s an awesome way to add a place for your pet that won’t be an eyesore.

Baseboard Vacuum

Make cleaning easier with a baseboard vacuum,
Make cleaning easier with a baseboard vacuum. Image source: The Kitchn

This baseboard vacuum(A.K.A toe kick vacuum or automatic dustpan) is a home feature that can make your life a lot easier! Instead of having an actual vacuum that will take space in your storage, – and sometimes even make cleaning not so practical as we’d like it to be – get this genius baseboard vacuum installed.

It’s most commonly installed in:

  • Kitchens
  • Pantries
  • Mudrooms

Though you can find the best, most strategic places to install a baseboard vacuum in your own home.

Hidden Counter Space

Add kitchen space with a hidden countertop.
Add kitchen space with a hidden countertop. Image source: Success in the Workplace

A hidden kitchen space will come in super handy whenever you want to throw a dinner party and need to cook more food than usually. It gives you that extra space to work with and after you’re done, just clean it and push it back in the counter!

Built-In Fireplace Seat

Built-in seats to enjoy a cozy night by the fireplace.
Built-in seats to enjoy a cozy night by the fireplace. Image source: Southern Living

This idea is specially interesting for the cold winter months, but why not start thinking about it right now? Built-in fireplace seats are the perfect solution if you have a big family, or if you love having your friends over to catch up on life and spend some quality time!

Here’s more:

Even though it might come off as a more expensive project at first glance, it’ll be worth it since you’ll be able to eliminate the need of chairs and other extra seating and create more space in the living room. Oh, and there’s also the possibility to make a beautiful decor with pillows!

Replace Door Knobs

Create a decor accent with a new door knob.
Create a decor accent with a new door knob. Image source: Design Sponge

Now, if you want something really simple, this is the idea for you: replace old door knobs! It’s a part of your house that doesn’t really get the attention it should, but once you start noticing it, you realize just how much it adds in your home. So you can try something that really stands out, like the one above, or something simpler, but that’d still look different – such as an all-black doorknob.

Which of these creative home improvement ideas will you give a try? Make sure to get a pro working on your projects! Get a free estimate here!

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