It’s officially December, which means it’s Christmas time! Time to build a snowman, bring out the Christmas lights, decorate the tree – and all the other millions of little things we have to do on this busy month.

But hey, one thing at a time.

Today, we’re diving into one of these topics: a collection of brilliant ways to decorate with Christmas lights, both indoors and outdoors!

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. – Jane Austen

Faux fire pit

faux fire pit
A simple faux fire pit for your mantel. Source: Free People

This adorable faux fire pit is perfect for indoor decoration – although a bigger version could certainly be adapted for outdoors!

The idea is very simple, all you need are some rocks (which can most likely be found in your backyard), some wooden branches, and a clear light string to simulate the fire. 

Christmas lights

Christmas lights
A simple trick to double your decoration! Source: Song Bird Blog

The beauty of this one is something we mention a lot when it comes to decoration… see that mirror back there?

The decoration setup here is quite simple – even the lantern with light strings inside is super easy to make. The secret is in setting this up in front of a mirror, which not only doubles the amount of lights on display, but also the amount of elements. Basically, with a few trees and a few lights, you can make it look like a forest of lights!

Stairway garland

stairway garland
Stairways are great points of interest for decor. Source: On Sutton Place

The stairwell is a great place to decorate, even a simple set of well placed light strings would already look nice, but we need something more.

This project involves making a classic Christmas garland with lights and adornments, as seen here. 

Christmas lights vase

christmas lights vase
A beautiful lantern-like decor with few materials. Source: For Creative Juice

No big secret here – all you need is a transparent vase or jar, Christmas balls, and a light string. Place them carefully inside the vase, making sure to tangle the lights evenly around the inside borders. 

Outdoor lights

outdoor lights
Decorating the outdoor shouldn’t be harder than it needs to be. Source: The Spruce

Decorating a two-story house may seem complicated. You would need a lot of lights, ladders, maybe even professional help depending on the amount of work, right?

Right. But there’s an easier way.

Instead of hanging lights on the upper part, simply draw a line of lights around the middle of your house, over the separation of each floor. Then, don’t be shy about decorating the front yard with whatever fancies you!

Mason jar lights

mason jar lights
Mason jars making their usual appearance. Source: All Things Heart and Home

Very similar to the lights inside a vase, except this one makes for an almost-lantern you can place outside hanging in your front porch!

The DIY is super easy, the only little trick is how to tie them together properly so they can be hung like lanterns. Learn how to make it here!

Twine spheres

twine spheres
Easy to make and look great outdoors and indoors. Source: Mucho Crafts

This beautiful craft can be placed both indoors and outdoors! The materials required are super easy to find too, so you can make this by yourself with no issues.

To make a twine ball you will need: 

  • Twine
  • Balloons
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Plastic wrap
  • Elastic band
  • Container (big enough for the balloon)

Ready to craft? Check out the full tutorial here!

Christmas lights crate

christmas lights crate
An easy setup to complement your Christmas decor. Source: Unskinny Boppy

Need an extra piece of Christmas decor for a corner, to keep alongside the tree, or to beautify your front porch? A simple crate full of Christmas adornments and string lights will do the trick!

No secret here, although you’d do well by choosing Christmas balls that are more reflective – so when the lights are on, they glow even more!

Outdoor bushes

outdoor bushes
Decorate your bushes with net lights. Source: HGTV

Already have some bushes on your front yard? You can make a dramatic new look by adding Christmas lights over them!

But to make your life easier, don’t go for the usual string lights, as they would be quite hard to setup over every bush. Instead, go for net lights – these you can simply drop over your bushes like a cover and remove them later just as easily. 

Outdoor garden basket

outdoor garden basket
A garden basket with Christmas lights inside. Source: The Garden Glove

The content of the basket can be whatever you desire – more Christmas balls mixed with lights, faux snow, twines, it’s up to you! The only major trick here is to insert the lights inside the basket and push some of them out from the inside to create this awesome look.

Or, if you’re feeling really, really lazy…

After all, the Grinch did steal Christmas that one time. Source: Reddit

… you can just say the Grinch came in and stole all your Christmas decor.

It does sound like something he would do.

Will you make any of these Christmas decoration ideas? Let us know on Facebook and share your creations!


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