Designing a shower

An amazing shower design and installation are on the top of your wish list? We've put together some tips about its door, light, technology, location and size and also about having a bathtub together or not. Check them out and, before you start making changes, consult a specialist too.

1.  Try a Glass Cabinet

A glass cabinet for your shower will light up the whole bathroom. Maybe go for the one with hinged doors, they are the most popular and more affordable too. Before installing the doors, consider how they affect the available space when they are open. The perfect measurement stays around 22 inches wide and a maximum of 36 inches wide.

If you know that a swinging door will negatively affect your bathroom, choose a glass panel that is modern and easy to clean, but more expensive, or a sliding door for the shower. By choosing the second option, the only thing is that you will have to clean it more often, all right?

2.  Set Up a Shower Bench

Another popular idea of bathroom and shower renovation is a shower bench; a sitting space that can be used to shave the legs, for example, or just to relax. It can also help people with balance, strength or endurance difficulties or even people with some kind of leg and/or feet injuries.

The shower bench must be 17 to 19 inches tall and 15 inches deep and must not exceed the internal size of the shower.

3.  Use Tech on Your Favor

Technology allows you to use a mobile app or some kind of remote control to regulate your shower. There is also the tech with voice options that make your life easier even when in the bathroom. And what about watching TV while taking a shower? Search for the best options and choose the ones that suit your needs. Just remember they have to be waterproof!

4.  Get Your Shower’s Own Light

The shower should have its own light for comfort and safety. You don't have to choose its kind or model right now, but save some space inside the shower’s area to install one. You’re gonna thank us later.

5.  Decide Between Having a Bathtub or Not

The so-called "shower-tub combo" can be a great space saver and allows you to choose between getting a quick shower or a relaxing soak. It is also a nice way to get a more elegant and amazing bathroom, but you have to do the math and see if it is worth it before deciding to build one.

6.  Finally, Define the Shower’s Location and Size

About location – the corner of the bathroom is the most common location for a shower, but the center or a separate enclosed area may be better for your layout if you don’t have to add plumbing and spend a lot more money on the renovation.

About size – popular showers are 32, 36, and 60 inches, but their lengths may vary. Shower dimensions may be 32 by 32 inches, but most people prefer a 36 by 48 inches. Shower heights typically fall between 84 and 120 inches, depending on space and design.

You should also consider the dimensions of other elements in your bathroom before deciding on the size of your shower. Another thing to consider is increasing the size of your bathroom to get the shower size you want.

Anyways, to renovate your home safely and in a financially smart way, call a bathroom remodeling contractor that knows everything about shower design.

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