It may not be the first thing you think of when you’re planning home remodeling projects but for all your friends, family, and visitors, the curbside appeal of your home is the first thing they see when they arrive and the last thing they see when they leave. As a result, changes to the look of your home’s front landscaping, walkway, porch, and entryway are some of the most visually impactful and valuable projects projects a homeowner can have performed!

With that in mind, we’ve tracked down some of the coolest, easiest, and most affordable DIY projects we could find to refresh your home’s curbside appeal for the year ahead! Take a look at some of these simple style upgrades and watch as your home becomes more inviting and more breathtaking to everyone who drops by.

Front Door Fixes

Curb appeal you can do yourself
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Your home’s front door is used each and every day and inevitably ends up enduring a lot of wear and tear both to its functionality and to its appearance. With simple updates like a fresh paint job, door refinishing, decorative knocker addition, or simple hardware replacement, you can give your home’s front entryway a stunning new look that will instantly add to your curbside appeal and likely your property value as well.

Pressure Cleaning

Masonry and front steps also add to a first impression
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Few DIY projects offer the immediate improvement and undeniable satisfaction of power washing. With just some specialized pressure cleaning equipment and an hour or two you can completely wipe away years of dirt and grime from your exterior siding, roofing, deck, porch, driveway, and more! The results alone are often enough to make your home look like new if the work is done properly.

Stair Makeovers to Step Up Your Style

DIY staircase painting
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From your home’s walkway to the staircase leading up to your porch, your entryway can be decked out with red carpet style with just a few hours and a few dollars. In addition to the power washing we recommended, consider building your own walkway from stone pavers. Or for a less work-intensive option, use specialty exterior paints to give your walkway and stairs alike a look that’s uniquely your own. Throw on a fun, decorative welcome mat and some simple and subtle lighting features to complete the entryway that will be the talk of the whole neighborhood.

Garage Door Style Upgrades

Garage door remodeling
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You might be surprised to learn that your home’s garage door takes up about 30% of your home’s front facade alone, making it a huge piece of real estate which is often left looking a boring and utilitarian as it was when you moved in. Today the two hottest styles for garage doors are carriage house style doors and stained wooden doors. Neither of which need the expensive replacements you may think. Use great guides like these to stain your existing garage door installation or apply carriage house hardware to imitate the charm and allure of these gorgeous new styles.

Luxurious Landscaping

Landscape, hardscape, and gardening for your backyard
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It really can’t be overstated how important your home’s landscaping is to the overall appearance and charm of the property. The vibrance and life of a well maintained lawn, garden features, and trees lend an immediate sense of comfort and serenity to a space. So to improve your home’s curbside appeal make sure you regularly mow the lawn and tend the garden. More than that, consider building a stunning tree bench around one of your older or sturdier trees, or find fun and creative ways to add your unique touch to front-yard standards like the mailbox, house number, or lawn edging. There are countless ways to make your home’s front landscaping an extension of the style and charm which you’ve filled within your home.

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