Whether you like simple, subtle decorations or want your Christmas decor to be much more over-the-top, there’s one thing your home absolutely needs for the holidays: a wreath. Decorating your front door with a festive holiday wreath gives your porch and home its own holiday spirit that all your neighborhood can appreciate. When you’re looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your home, follow our handy guide on how to make your own DIY holiday wreath.

Decide on a Style

Your holiday wreath should reflect your personal decorating style. You can use different shapes, different color schemes, and different materials based on your style. Here are a few different styles to get your inspiration flowing.

Traditional Holiday Wreath

Front door wreath options for a DIY outdoor decoration
Front door decor Ideal Home Garden

The traditional holiday wreath is made from evergreen leaves, red berries, and usually has a bow. If you really want to be traditional, you can make these wreaths out of plants from your own garden.

Rustic Holiday Wreath

Rustic wreath decor for the home exterior
Burlap wreath Style Blueprint

This rustic holiday wreath is made with burlap, a bow, and can easily be decorated with natural elements such as twigs, branches, and berries.

Whimsical Holiday Wreath

Festive holiday colors on an outdoor wreath
Fabulous wreath colors Etsy

The whimsical holiday wreath defies tradition and uses bright colors, glitter, and fun holiday items to bring a unique holiday spirit to your home.

Industrial Holiday Wreath

Custom DIY wreaths like no other
Gears of wreath Stellar Four

For an industrial holiday wreath, use scrap pieces of metal and weld them together to form a wreath. Add a soft bow for a striking juxtaposition.

Modern Holiday Wreath

Origami wreaths for the more ambitious DIY family
Geo wreath Trend Hunter

If you have a modern home, you need a modern holiday wreath. Fold cardstock into geometric patterns or spray paint rocks or stones to create this edgy, geometric holiday wreath.

Vintage Holiday Wreath

Vintage DIY wreath decor for a home
Tiny little deer RoflMouse

Using vintage holiday ornaments, you can create a vintage holiday wreath that will add a touch of old-world glamor to your front door.

Chic Holiday Wreath

Old man winter gets a chic reboot with this wreath
Updated winter look Love This Pic

Use soft pastels, faux roses, and elegant ornaments to create this chic holiday wreath.

Sweet Holiday Wreath

Old school edible candy cane wreath ideas
A wreath that is also a snack Millionayres

If you want your home to be as sweet as possible, use candy canes to make your sweet holiday wreath.

Arts and Crafts Holiday Wreath

The ultimate in arts and crafts decor wreaths
Craft DIY wreath Tanya Maile

Making an arts and crafts holiday wreath is all about using your preferred crafty medium and turning it into a gorgeous holiday wreath for all to see.

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