One of the most distinguishing characteristics of fall is the leaves changing color. Not only is this a beautiful time of year that creates a wide array of different red, yellow, and orange hues in nature, but it also creates the materials for incredible DIY projects. Here a few of our favorite DIY foliage crafts.

”Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus

Foliage Map

Look at those beautiful national leaf patterns
Autumn is the time for changing leaves. Source:

Also considered by many to be a foliage calendar, a foliage map simply indicates which areas of the continental U.S. are going to explode with autumn colors the hardest and the soonest. So you can plan a veritable road trip based on what colors are going to happen first.

DIY Tip: You can make your own DIY version of a foliage map by printing out a map of your area and shading in the peak foliage times. Then you can plan some fun weekend outings to see the different foliage!

Leaf Painting

DIY projects with leaves are always fun
Changing leaves make for a great artistic canvas. Source: Nashville Parent

Many artists use leaves and nature as their inspiration, but why not use it as the paintbrush? Try to craft with leaves and sticks to really get the most “natural look” that your backyard has to offer. Simply dip the leaf in paint, and then apply it to the canvas. An easy craft project that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Fall Candles

Pretty pictures for fall
DIYers love their mason jars, so why not take a fall decor approach? Source: Wonderful DIY

Another one of the easy leaf crafts for adults, creating candles with leaves on them can make a home seem way more ready for fall. Either tie on the leaves using string, adhere them with glue, or better yet, adorn a mason jar and watch the candle really light up the night. It can really add to the ambiance.

Leaf Mobile

DIY projects for fall can come in many shapes and sizes
Imagine this kind of greeting decor in the foyer. Source: Happiness is homemade

For a great idea either in wall art of hanging above a baby’s crib, a leaf mobile is a cheap DIY project that can tantalize even an infant’s eyes. As far as leaf crafts using leaves goes, this one is very straightforward. Simply use string to dangle leaves on the branch at different heights. Then you’re done!

Were you aware that the cost of raking leaves changes based on where you live? For example, in Richmond, VA it can cost an average of $414 while in Trenton, NJ, it can cost an average of $545. Want to get a more accurate estimate for free? Get in touch with a handyman near you!

Fall Leaf Suncatcher

Suncatchers made from leaves make it fall year round
Making the changing leaves a beacon of light. Source: Exotic flowers

The perfect way to get some color in your home is to adorn the windows with these DIY leaf suncatchers. This is one of the sunniest projects on how to make leaf art. Just stick them in your windows and enjoy!

DIY Leaf Coasters

Arts and crafts for kids of all ages!
More DIY projects for the home interior. Source: Confessions of a Home Schooler 

Here’s a fun DIY leaf craft that the kids can enjoy too! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bathroom tiles (white)
  • Sponge painting brush
  • Mod Podge
  • A book for pressing the leaves
  • Leaves

Turn the craft into an adventure by going on a nature walk with your kids and letting them pick the leaves! Find the full tutorial here.

Leaves are great, but leaves stuck in your gutters? Not so great. Want to get a professional to make sure everything’s working as intended? Call a pro for more info!

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