We all know how having an outdoor space that’s both beautiful and practical is great for summer months, right? That being said, it’s also nice to have some cards up your sleeve when you need to spruce up the place. These five ideas are perfect for your patio and they also have the advantage of adding even more beauty to your landscape!

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” - Swami Sivananda

Add a Roof to Your Hang Out Spot

A simple roof will make every day worthy of some time outdoors.
A simple roof will make every day worthy of some time outdoors. Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

Roofs have basically one job: protect you from rain (or you know, anything that falls from the sky). It’s also a permanent way to add some shade in your patio. Instead of getting an umbrella, consider the roof idea. Of course, the umbrella will also help with protecting from the rain, but it’s smaller, so your guests might not feel as comfortable as they would with a roof. Even better: a roof allows you to have fabric furniture outside!

The DIY version!

Painted Floor

Painted tiles come and go, this time they can come and stay!
Painted tiles come and go, this time they can come and stay! Image source: Old Brand New

When I saw this gorgeous patio I was like “Oh man, I need to put this on my future-home-plans board!” And then I started writing this article and I was like “OH MAN! I need to put that here!” So the moment comes to talk about it and all I can think about is how gorgeous this is.

But let’s (try) moving on:

This floor actually does look like tiles, but it’s all paint! Sure, it may take you a weekend to make it, but hey, who doesn’t love having a weekend project to forget about everything else, right? It looks so beautiful (I swear I tried) that it totally pays off. Your landscape will sure appreciate the effort.

The DIY version!

Eye-Catching Rugs

Rugs can make an impact and be practical too.
Rugs can make an impact and be practical too. Image source: Polished Closets


If painting the floors isn’t your thing, you can go with a secondary option: add a rug! It can either be a huge rug or something simpler, but it has to be interesting. That means, it has to have a bright color, be patterned, or both! It has to fit your own style, but remember: just go all in with it!

Tip: Try to find a rug made with mildew-resistant materials, those will have really low maintenance even when they’re outdoors.

You don’t actually need a DIY version for this, just go shopping!

Put Up a Privacy Wall

Privacy walls are useful and charming.
Privacy walls are useful and charming. Image source: DIY Passion

A privacy wall is a simple addition that can add such a pretty thing to look at in your landscape. The one above is just an example, you could also go with:

  • A lattice wall
  • A bush wall
  • Wattle privacy screen

Just, really, so many ideas! You can find the best match for the current decor of your patio - or find something you love and design a new decor style around that!

Check out the DIY version!

Add a Pergola

A pergola adds style to your patio!
A pergola adds style to your patio! Image source: homeyou

This is a fancier way to add shade in your patio dining area. Also adding a lot of character, there are lots of pergola design options to choose from! You could even find one that has a solid roof and kill two birds with one stone over here - a roof PLUS a pergola. Doesn’t that sound cool? Add a few lights and you’ll be able to use your outdoor space long after the sun has set.

Here’s the DIY version!

Don’t want to make these yourself? That’s okay! Call a pro for a free estimate on your project!

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