When moving to a new apartment, house, or dorm room, you're going to want the place look and feel entirely your own. Even when it isn’t possible to do major changes in lighting, painting, structure, you can still customize furniture and pick your favorite ideas for temporary decor. Grab a toolbox and start your DIY adventure with any of these creative projects for your rental space.

The beauty of this DIY project is that you can shift the pictures any time you want. Giving a whole different feel to the decor will take a minute and to put them on the wall will require some nails, tape and hammer. If you can’t make extra holes on the wall, hang the artwork on a strong string or wire, and hang it on the two corners of a place you can nail them to.

Attic relaxation in a living room
Wall decor hellofleurieu.com

Eco-friendly and endlessly useful, you can take materials you’d otherwise throw away and turn them into art. Having flowers and plants in the house always makes it feel more alive and connected to the outside world. Taking care of them is simple, just adding some water on the bottles and allowing the flowers to get light it’s enough. Even wine bottles and old perfume bottles can get a whole new life as a flower vase on a countertop.

Flower vases made from bottles
Floral decor blog.yasabe.com

If that isn't enough for your craft side, create some gorgeous new accents for your home's candles. With just a golden decorative pen, normal glass tea lights will get more classy and unique in a flash. Craft stores have a lot of options for pens and paint that would work with a glass DIY project.

DIY candles around the rental home
Candles darbysmart.com

Fairy lights!

By far, the quickest way to add some magic into your room. Fairy lights are also incredibly versatile, since there are countless style, lengths, and uses for them. Hang them above a bed, around closet doors and window frames, across the ceiling, and more. For even more charm and character combine the natural element of twigs you can find even in a park, with delicate fairy lights, creating a one of a kind room divider.

Fairy lights in a mirror
Create magic kollabora.com

Iron beds are great for fairy lights. Any sleeping experience will be more dreamy and surreal with delicate lights. That said, avoid leaving them on overnight, not only will they keep you awake but they might overheat, depending on the brand purchased.

Lit up headrests for an iron bedframe
Fairy headboard thisforall.net

Easy Changes, Big Impact

Some DIY projects are designed for even the most DIY-impaired. These ones, for example, require no difficult changes. You don’t even have to know how to use tools. Just change your pillows for more colorful or bolder prints. Other easy items to change that make a big impact include curtains, rugs, tapestries, and paintings.

Multi layered colors fashioned together in a common room
Many bright colors hansonsatywam.com
Lots of fun colors in a pillow room
Rainbow pillows hgtvdecor.net

Color block the Bookcase

For a color block effect, arrange all books and decoration by color. Or the other way around, making your own pattern of colors. For a more dramatic effect, spray paint little decorative accents in the same color.

Nearly a crayon box's worth of different colors
Colorful bookshelf ihomeids.com

Chalkboard Furniture

Using chalkboard paint is easy and even a thrift store armoire or table can get super stylish. Enjoy the freedom of being able to draw with chalk something different every time you want.

Chalkboard furniture creates a unique vision no matter what room its put in
Chalkboard furniture dorew.com

DIY Chuck Norris: The Washi Tape

One of the most used materials for decoration. It’s possible to pull off pretty much anything with washi tape. Even small desk items will look adorable after a touch of this tape. 

Washi tape provides all sorts of new and exciting decor designs
Washi tape bloglovin.com

Even walls can get a major upgrade.

Dream of a city skyline
Dream up different ideas bloglovin.com

Bookcase Backing

It’s surprising how beautiful this easy DIY task can be. Basically with supplies like wallpaper, glue, scissors, it’s very easy to cut the shapes and apply them to the back of the bookcase. A thrift shop, yard sale or a super basic and kinda boring department store bookcase can become incredibly stylish and unique in just a matter of minutes. 

Lots of home decor for a red room
Unique home decor photos.hgtv.com

Decoupage Lamp

For a pop of style, customize a lamp with something that represents your personality, like comic books, your own pictures, prints, glitter, different colors. You can decoupage with wallpaper, wrapping paper, pages of books and comics, and almost any paper you like.

DIY lamp shade covers with personality
Custom lamps stylenv.co.uk

Temporary wallpaper

Transform a simple door, furniture, with fabric and cornstarch. Should peel off easily whenever needed. More instructions at howaboutorange.

Temp wallpaper is way more fun and personal than actual wallpaper
Draw your own wallpaper howaboutorange.blogspot.com

For wallpaper on a real wall, the best (and least damaging way) is always hanging a large piece of fabric. The look is pretty much the same but requires no application and chemicals for wallpaper application.

Backscreen made from a humble cloth
Work space howaboutorange.blogspot.com
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