Finding good Christmas gifts to present to the men in your life is already such a difficult task, especially trying to find something that they’ll actually like. Most of the time, we just end up giving mugs or gift cards. To make this Christmas a little different, here is a list of gifts that you can make on your own and that they’ll really like!

Homemade Men’s Shaving Cream

Homemade Men's Shaving Cream - DIY Gifts That Men Want
Source: Coupon and Freebies Mom

This awesome homemade shaving cream is a wonderful gift: your partner, your father, your in-laws, your co-worker, etc. It feels and smells incredibly nice, and the fact that you made it yourself takes it to the next level, making it a thoughtful gift perfect even for those who have everything. You can choose different scents and make it even more personal because you can make a scent combination that you know he likes. Get the instructions over at Coupons and Freebies Mom, choose a nice small mason jar and add a cool homemade tag or twine to make a ribbon around it.

Comic Book DIY Coasters

Comic Book DIY Coasters - Gifts That Men Want
Source: Mod Podge Rock Blog

These cool coasters will warm the heart of every comic book lover. Actually, you don’t even need to love comic books to like this gift: doesn't they look amazing either way? The instructions from Mod Podge Rocks are quite easy to do and totally worth the time. The only difficult step will be handing them as a gift – I bet you’ll want to keep them. It’s too awesome!

Photo Map

Photo Map - DIY Gifts Men Want
Source: Cut Craft Create

This incredibly thoughtful gift will melt the heart of anyone who loves traveling. Especially interesting for couples who like to travel together, this gift is easy to do and will take Christmas to a whole new level. Place a foam board behind a map and secure the two together with pins or tape. Print your pics depending on the size of the state they’re going and cut it accordingly – don’t worry about making the edges perfect, just a basic outline is enough. Use pins to secure the photos in place – you can even hot glue ball pins on the back of the photo for a neater look. You can get more details here! Isn’t it just the perfect gift for your partner?

Homemade Ginger Beer

Homemade Ginger Beer - DIY Gifts Men Actually Want
Source: Thyme of Taste

During our research, everybody here was amazed by this Homemade Ginger Beer gift idea. And no wonder why: who wouldn’t love receiving it this Christmas? It’s different and interesting, and the delicious taste will please every taste buds it finds. Get the recipe and instructions over at Thyme of Taste!

Manly Hand Scrub

Manly Hand Scrub - DIY Gifts Men Actually Want
Source: Paper Turtle

Why don’t you try making this manly hand scrub for your loved one? Men need some pampering too! Combine his favorite hand soap with a good amount of sugar (much more sugar than soap) and mix it in a bowl. The more you stir, the better it gets! Place the mix in a nice small container (a plastic container is better if it’s going to be used in the shower) and add a cool label to it!

Homemade Apple Pie Vodka

Homemade Apple Pie Vodka - DIY Gifts Men Want
Source: Drinkwire

This homemade apple pie vodka is incredibly delicious, and it makes a great gift for those who love trying different tastes. The instructions are really easy and you can use a simple mason jar as the gifting container. Add a personalized label or a beautiful ribbon and voilá: you have an amazing Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Beard oil

Beard Oil - DIY Gifts Men Want
Source: The Crunchy Chronicles

This Beard Oil is just perfect for those manly men who have a full beard to be proud of. The easy instructions combines tea tree oil, cedarwood and lavender essential oils, 2 or 3 drops of each, with an oil base of your preference (sweet almond oil, apricot oil or jojoba oil are good bets) on small amber glass bottles. You can add a personalized tag and give this gift to the loving men in your life, be it your partner, father or brother, anyone would love to receive it.

DIY Love Coupons

DIY Love Coupons - Gifts Men Want
Source: The Dating Divas

These romantic love coupons are perfect to give to your partner this Christmas. It’s a gift that not only will be funny, but will allow you two to enjoy it for several days. You can make various coupons for whatever you’d like to give him, like:

  • a foot massage,
  • a romantic stroll,
  • a night out,

Or even simpler day-to-day things, like:

  • getting the car washed,
  • control over the remote,
  • no chores day,
  • Etc.

And he can use the coupons whenever he chooses to. Isn’t it great for your spouse? Get the how-to over at The Dating Divas!

DIY Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax - DIY Gifts Men Actually Want
Source: The Crunchy Chronicles

This amazing mustache wax makes a great pair with the beard oil! Get the detailed instructions and ingredients list at The Crunchy Chronicles!

Coffee Lover Survival Kit

Coffee Lover Survival Kit
Source: The DIY Mommy

Giving a Gift Basket is always a safe choice for Christmas. But how about you take it to the next level and make it themed? This amazing Coffee Lover Survival Kit from The DIY Mommy is just perfect for any coffee lover in this cold season. If he’s not that much into coffee, there’s also this awesome Movie Night idea!

What do you think of our selection? Which ones are you going to make for this Christmas? Let us know on the comment section below and check out our Facebook page for more incredible ideas!

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