Getting your home organized is immensely satisfying, isn't it?

Nothing beats that feeling of knowing everything is in it’s right place, of having no clutter, and effectively performing your daily tasks because you found that clever way of doing it better and faster than before - people call these home organization hacks!

Here’s how to organize your house, from the office to the laundry, from the bedroom to the bathroom, all with very clever DIY home organization hacks!

Measuring Equivalents and Utensils

measuring tools hanging on a cabinet
Source: Tidbits from the Tremaynes

That is immensely satisfying to look at, isn’t it?

Everything perfectly perfect in its right place with the right measures in organized fashion… it’s blissful. This lovely home organization hack came from the Tidbits From The Tremaynes blog, so check it out if you want to know how they pulled it off!

Clipboard inspiration & organization wall

clipboard wall for inspiration and organization hack
A clipboard wall for inspiration and organization. Source: Decor8Blog

Inspiration walls can be a fantastic DIY organization hack for creative minds out there - maybe they help with a project you’re working on, or just to get creatively unstuck at any given moment during the day! But of course, you can simply use to organize your week and set up visual reminders.

This idea is as simple as it looks:

Glue or nail the clipboards to the wall (strong adhesive tape is good too) and hang anything you love there! It could be:

  • Work related art/inspiration
  • Lists and goals
  • Project ideas or details
  • Grocery lists
  • Reminders
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Inspiration photos
  • And so on!

Wire Tag

Wire tag to identify cables at a glance.
Wire tags to identify cables at a glance. Source: PopSugar

We’ve all been there: scrambling mangled cables around and pulling in every direction to try figuring out where they’re coming from.

There are many ways you can tag cables, but this is arguably the easiest: simply write the source on a bread tag and boom, you’re done! Getting organized cables made easy.

But you could do the same with Washi Tape if you have some lying around…

Bedside pocket rack

The perfect bedside hack for all your devices!
The perfect bedside rack for all your devices. Source: Container Store

Oh, how many nights have our cell phones and tablets spent on the floor?

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance to get them scratched or worse, stepped on!

This bedside pocket rack is the perfect organization hack for small devices, magazines, books, and your glasses. It keeps them safe, takes virtually no space in the room, and it’s probably the most practical thing ever.

You can make one yourself by following this tutorial!

Cell phone Charging Station

A cell phone charging station to keep your device safe.
A cell phone charging station to keep your device safe. Source: PopSugar

Speaking of leaving the cell phone on the floor…

We know it has happened to you - the outlet was far away from any furniture and your cell phone had no choice but to rest on the floor while it waited for the full charge. This calls for a DIY hack solution!

This hack is simply an upcycled pet bottle that holds your phone safely on the outlet while it charges!

Painted keys

Paint the keys with nail polish to identify them at a glance.
Paint the keys with nail polish to identify them at a glance. Source: It’s Pretty Nice

A very famous and ever so useful DIY organization hack is painting your keys with nail polish.

It’s easy and super quick - you can be as creative as you like! No time to lose? Just paint over and let it dry! But if you’re feeling crafty, you can do something like the image above: draw patterns, experiment with different colors, it’s up to you!

The key here (no pun intended) is to make them different, so you always know which you’re looking for at a glance!

Window Organization Rack

Use an old window to store papers and documents.
Use an old window to store papers and documents. Source: LifeHack

This is a great way to upcycle an old window pane - you don’t even have to paint it!

The worn vintage look could work wonders by itself, all you have to do is hang it on your bedroom or home office wall and use for stuff like:

  • Displaying photos
  • Inspirational thingys
  • Paid and unpaid bills
  • Documents
  • Basically anything on print!

DIY Goals List

A DIY goals list to keep your week organized!
A goals list keeps your week organized! Source: PopSugar

Sure we have our Google Keep’s and Evernote’s and Trello’s, but some people prefer the real thing!

And there’s no denying how visualizing something goes a long way, especially if you have a busy schedule. This lovely organization idea is all about achieving your goals:

Leave a block of post-its always close, and you can rearrange your priorities and add new ones at any time with no problem!

Learn how to make it here!

Cereal Box Drawer Divider

Cereal box dividers are an easy organization hack!
Cereal box dividers are an easy organization hack! Source: I Heart Organizing

Sure you can purchase drawer dividers just as easily, but then…

How would you exercise that crafty side of yours?

These drawer dividers are entirely made of cut cereal boxes and decorative paper! It’s a great DIY organization hack and it’s super easy to do. All you need to start crafting is this:

  • Cereal boxes (duh!)
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Decorative paper (wrapping is perfect)

Learn how to do it from I Heart Organizing!

Try the KonMari App

The KonMari method is perfect for home organization.
The KonMari method is perfect for home organization. Source: iTunes

If you’re unfamiliar with the KonMari method, you can read all about it here, but for people in a hurry, here’s the basic rundown:

Marie Kondo wrote a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and her method quickly made a legion of fans for being easy to understand and very satisfying to do.

If you feel like your stuff is cluttered and disorganized, then this method is for you!

The app simply helps you declutter with simple goals and only five categories for your entire house, making it accessible and easy to follow.

File folder spice rack

Use a file folder below a cabinet for extra storage
Glue a file folder under a cabinet for extra storage. Source: Buzzfeed

You’d think file folders are exclusively an office organization hack, but you’d be wrong:

This conveniently placed spice rack is just a file folder glued under a cabinet - and it works wonders for kitchen dwellers!

Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers

Mason jars are like DIYs Infinity Stones.
Mason jars are like DIYs Infinity Stones. Source: Simply Designing

One day mason jars will stop being useful. One day…

But not this day.

By giving these mason jar dispensers a DIY treatment, Ashley from Simply Designing managed to create an elegant laundry organization hack - now clorox, soap and softener are all perfectly lined up and always available right where you need them!

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