The definitive guide for organizing interior closets
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Everything you need to know about organizing clothes, from folding to storing!

These tips should make your closet more practical and beautiful, and we made sure to include only stuff you can DIY, so it’s even easier on you!

Also, if you’re looking for more tips, check the KonMari Method for organizing clothes!

Shirts and t-shirts

Best way to store: every way has its perks. Hanging is great if you don’t want to iron them, but you can also roll them up on a drawer - this saves space on your hangers and you won’t need to iron either way. And folding, the most common way, is OK as long as you don’t mind ironing frequently.

How to properly fold a t-shirt

Home DIY: How to properly fold a t-shirt
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How to roll-up a t-shirt

DIY tip: How to roll-up a t-shirt
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Double wire hanger cheat

Home DIY: Double wire hanger cheat
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Oldie but goodie. Use a soda can tab to double (or even triple) your hanger space.

Use rubber bands to keep clothes from slipping

DIY tip: Use rubber bands to avoid clothes from slipping
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Best way to store: hanging or folding both work, but folding saves a lot of space.

How to properly fold pants

DIY tip: How to properly fold pants
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Shorts and Skirts

Best way to store: Shorts can be stored anyway you want, but skirts should hang - it’s the best way to protect the material from stretching or marking.

Home DIY: Shorts and skirts
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Socks and underwear

Best way to store: in drawers with dividers - which you can purchase for very cheap or just find a DIY solution like this one!

DIY: Socks and underwear
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How to properly fold socks

Home DIY: How to properly fold socks
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How to properly fold underwear

Home DIY: How to properly fold underwear
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Best way to store: out in the open and in plain-view

Flip the pairs for better space management

Organization in the home: Flip the pairs for better space management
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This way you get a quick-view of all the pairs perfectly aligned!

DIY shoe rack

DIY interior shoe rack project
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There are many ways you can DIY a shoe rack like this one. Here are some cool ideas:

More tips and tricks

To hang or not to hang?

DIY: To hang or not to hang
Source: JackThreads

This list is very helpful, but don’t take it too seriously - you can totally fold cotton shirts no problem, the only downer is that folding means you’ll have to iron it later. However, you would indeed NEVER fold a blazer. I recommend reading JackThreads original article for a more in-depth look!

Categorize your closet

Home organization: Categorize your closet
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Store your most-used items (everyday clothes, work uniforms, etc.) at eye level; less-used (weekend clothes, party clothes) below; and least-used (heavy winter clothes) up high.

For out-of-season clothes (winter/summer), go for “out of sight, out of mind”.

PVC pipes are your friends

PVC pipes are your friends, not just for plumbing
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You can use PVC pipes for organizing clothes in many ways. Above, it’s used to organize scarfs, but this same layout can be used for underwear or even shoes:

PVC pipes are your friends!

You should check out our 5 DIY PVC pipe projects article!

DIY belt-organizer

DIY home belt organizer
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But there will always be that one missing sock, won’t there?

Missing socks display project
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Don’t be too hard on yourself! Organizing is hard, especially if you have a lot of clothes. Do your best to keep whatever you like and dispose of what you don’t, and then organize around that. Have fun!

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