During the Thanksgiving season it’s always a race to the finish line, and some homeowners can become so focused on the food that they forget about the decor. And while the food is important, the look and feel of the home is what allows people to feel at ease. So here are some time sensitive last minute turkey day home decor tips that will save you time and money this fall. So strap that buckle to your hat and get ready to decorate with time in mind.

DIY interior wall art to lighten up the home
Get crafty with Brooklyn Design

Spray Paint Nameplates

This idea is a twofer, and one of the easiest ideas on the list. You can create beautiful wall art in the shape of fall leaves. All you need is some metal colored spray paint and a canvas. Then after that you have instant name tags for your guests at the dinner table. For just the price of some spray paint and a Sharpie, you can make unique organic decor the will serve as both art and placeholder this Thanksgiving.

Seasonal dining room table decor you can DIY
Dining room table decor Desert Blossom

Pumpkins as Bowls

Here’s another easy idea, especially if you’re still holding on to some fresh pumpkins from the season. Scoop out the insides of a pumpkin to get a perfect bowl that you can put soup, dip, salads, or chips in, depending on the culinary situation (and size of the pumpkin). Barring that pumpkins are always suitable decor for the fall season. Create decor or plant pots out of their hollowed shells.

DIY pumpkin bowl for any interior kitchen table
Pumpkin bowls that Superhealthykids enjoy

Gourds as General Decor

There’s no wrong way to lay out gourds as decor in the fall. You can lay it all out on a mantel, place it in a harvest cornucopia, or spread them out intermittently around the home. Consider a certain kitchen table with a layout just for the seasonal gourds as a centerpiece. The message is loud and clear: the harvest was bountiful and the feast will be enjoyed presently.

Home decor in the form of DIY interior gourds
DIY gourd decor from Cindyshapton
"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." -Oprah Winfrey

Cloth Runners? Just Draw on Brown Paper

Cloth is overrated. Make a seasonal statement by including brown paper runners. They’re cheaper, easier to manage, you can draw on them (designs, menus, placemats) and throw the thing away when the meal is over, saving you on space as well. This makes it a great way to include fancy name tags for your guests and leave a creative outlet for the kids when the meal is over. Never worry about staining the cloth again.

Benefits of cloth over paper:

  • Zero clean up
  • Artistic outlet for kids
  • Placeholder
  • Name tag
  • Food menu/placement
  • Affordable
  • Seasonally colored
  • No need to wash
Alternative to dining room table cloth runners
Paper runners from DawnNicole

So this season don’t worry about having all the time in the world to devote to decor. You can make beautiful, practical, and useful decorations around your home for little money and not a lot of time either. “Last minute” ideas can get a bad rap, but overall can be an efficient way to dress up your home’s interior.

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