DIY projects are always welcome, especially when they are very useful and can make your day-to-day life easier and more relaxed. Here you’ll find some awesome inventions that will change the way you do tasks around the house, making your life easier, saving time, and lowering everyday stress. Check them out!

DIY Key Holder

This key holder is beautiful and super useful!
This keyholder is beautiful and super useful! Source: The Crafted Life

Yep, let’s start this list with a keyholder, because it’s the one thing that every home should have. Having an exact place to keep your keys will save you time and lower your stress, especially if you lead a busier life and don’t have the time to keep searching for your keys.

This tutorial by The Crafted Life is not just useful, but it’s also stunning! The project is easy to make and it only requires a few supplies:

  • A wooden slab
  • Paint
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Hooks

Since you can paint the wood with any color you prefer, this project fits basically any home decor and personality!

Painting Your Keys

This fun project will save you time!
This fun project will save you time! Source: Pop Sugar

Here’s another project to make your key-searching easier. Instead of always wasting time trying to find the right key for the door, paint your keys with colorful hues to make them stand out! This way, you’ll easily get the right key you’re looking for in no time.

To decorate your keys, you can use:

  • Spray paint
  • Washi tape
  • Fingernail polish
  • Tape to create patterns and stripes while painting

Staircase Bookshelves

Extra storage in any space!
Extra storage in any space! Source: School of Decorating

Let’s be honest: there’s never enough storage space in our homes. But store-bought bookshelves are often too big, too heavy, and too expensive, not to mention space-consuming.

With this tutorial by School of Decorating, you can make good use of a free wall space in your house and make shelves out of stair treads, for a clever and budget-friendly solution.

Clip Your Chargers

Keeping your cables in place.
Keeping your cables in place. Source: The Pampered Mom

This idea couldn’t be simpler, but it can make your life so much easier! Stop the cable searching madness by placing binder clips on your nightstand, office table, and any other places to keep cables secured in place so you never have to waste more time reaching down to grab them (or untangling them from other cords and wires).

Organizing Your Spices

This will keep all your spices organized and at hand!
This will keep all your spices organized and at hand! Source: Claire Dorris

Keeping spices in a neat place is always tricky: many will be forgotten or hard to reach if kept inside a kitchen cabinet. Magnetizing them is expensive and they can be an eyesore if kept in an open space.

As a solution, this idea by Claire is very creative: using a shower caddy to store spices! It's an insanely simple solution to an annoying problem. There are many different sizes and models for you to pick from, and you can hang it inside the door of a cupboard to keep them hidden, but still handy and easy to find the one you want.

Catch Your Small Items

This tray is very usefyl to keep things organized!
This tray is very uusefl to keep things organized! Source: eHow

Smaller items are very easy to lose, giving you unnecessary headaches and stress, but if they’re left on a table they’ll instantly make the space look cluttered and unorganized. You can easily solve this problem by coming up with a catch-all tray!

This beautiful leather tray above only requires a few supplies, and it’s very easy to make. Check out the detailed tutorial here!

Hanging Cleaning Supplies

A tension rod can keep things organized under the sink!
A tension rod can keep things organized under the sink! Source: Apartment Therapy

Chaos under your sink? Instead of wasting time trying to find the right cleaner in a crowd of spray bottles, install a curtain rod across the cabinet to keep them all visible and handy. Now you also have some free space for other bathroom or kitchen essentials!

Any heavy-duty tension rod should work, but a screw-mounted option is best if you have many (or particularly heavy) bottles.

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