Halloween is a perfect time to get your creative energy flowing and DIY yourself a fun costume. Any DIYer knows that while projects you find on Pinterest and blogs are fun to do, sometimes the supplies can get expensive! With these costumes, not only are the supplies cheap but you probably have most of the supplies in your home! So whether you are trying to save a buck or need a last minute costume, these are for you!

Bag of Jelly Beans

DIY Halloween costume ideas
This costume is easy to make and very cute for all ages!
Source: PopSugar

This delightfully adorable Halloween costume is perfect for any age! All you need is a clear trash bag, water balloons some ribbon and a sharpie!


Totally a hit! Halloween DIY costume ideas
This pinata costume is fun to make and looks great!
Source: Simply Whisked

This Halloween, DIY a costume that makes you look like you are filled with candy while filling up on candy! This one can take a little more time to make but is totally worth it!


Halloween DIY costume ideas
B+C has 3 Cute Jellyfish DIY’s to work for whatever you have around the house!
Source: Brit+Co

Become a bee of the sea with one of these three jellyfish costumes that can be made with fabric scraps and umbrellas! The girls over at Brit+Co have different tutorials for different items you might have around.

Gumball Machine

Halloween ideas where you can DIY
This costume is a great excuse to wear copious amounts of pompoms!
Source: Instructables

Who doesn’t love a good gumball machine? And with this costume you have an excuse to give extra soft hugs and wear A LOT of pompoms. What more could you want?

Voodoo Doll

DIY Halloween: Go do that voodoo that you do!
This costume can be made in 5 minutes and looks amazing!
Source: Instructables

Become a human voodoo doll this Halloween with a few items you can find around the house and in your craft box! Pair this with a great outside and makeup and you’re ready to go!

Man in Half

DIY this Halloween to be beside yourself with savings
Create an optical illusion costume with stuff around the house! 
Source: Instructables

This optical illusion costume is great because it will freak out your friends and is unbelievably cheap to make!

While having a spooktacular Halloween is a priority, it doesn’t have to be a burden on your wallet. Using these ideas or getting creative on your own is a great way to look spooky and save a buck! If you have a great idea for a DIY costume, share it on our Facebook!

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