The year passed by us really fast, and it’s no wonder Thanksgiving is right upon us. Even though holiday decorations sometimes are forgotten over so many things to do and meals to prepare, Thanksgiving deserves its proper welcome, since it’s such an amazing and thoughtful holiday. So here is a list of quick and easy decorations you can do in the very last minute that will impress the guests and transform your dinner.

Painted Pinecones

Painted pinecones
Source: Whimzeecal

These cute pine cones make a great addition to your Thanksgiving table centerpiece or even on the plates to mark the guest’s seats when combined with a name tag. You can get some pine cones after a walk outside if your neighborhood has them or get some at a local crafts store. After cleaning them off with an old toothbrush, use a paint brush with a colorful acrylic paint on the tips of the pinecone. You can even use different colors and create different effects, like the gradient effect from the photo. The acrylic paint dries quickly, making it a great last-minute decoration idea.

Thankful Silverware Holder

Thankful silverware holder

This creative silverware holder from A Bird’s Leap is incredibly thoughtful and is just the right thing for your thanksgiving table. Give your guests something to think about during dinner by allowing them to write what they are thankful for and then encourage everyone to read their list aloud during dessert.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin

Thanksgiving turkey napkin holder
Source: Smarty Had a Party

Isn’t this napkin turkey just perfect for your Thanksgiving gathering? This easy decor doubles as a placeholder; it will make your holiday dinner feel much more elaborate and will quickly impress the guests. Get the instructions here, but don’t worry, it’s much easier than it looks!

10-Minute Thanksgiving Table Decor

10-minute thanksgiving decor
Source: Julie Blanner

You can easily make an incredible centerpiece with a just a few items: candles (a great way to make the room more warm and welcoming), fresh fruits like apples and oranges, and a few branches and leaves that you can easily gather while on a walk. The simplicity of the setting brings an extra charm to the table, making the dinner more intimate and cozy.

DIY Mini Pumpkins Vase

DIY pumpkin vase
Source: DIY Candy

These beautiful pumpkin vases are easy to make and are a quick and beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving table. To make them, gather a few small pumpkins at your local market, make a small cut on top to take the stem out and scoop out the insides. You can make a fuller arrangement just by adding flowers and branches or use a piece of foam on the inside of the pumpkin when using fewer flowers, to keep them in place.

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays in the year, it has a deep, loving meaning that makes us each search within to look for the best things in our lives, the things we are most grateful for. Make the holiday count by making beautiful decorations, baking delicious meals and most importantly, spending quality-time with our loved ones.

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