Are you excited for fall? I simply love this time of the year and I was super excited to get to share some of my fall favorites with you - especially when it comes to fall decorating ideas! Today you’re getting a couple of inspirations for a beautiful fall tablescape.

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“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” - George Eliot

Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia leaves will bring a bit of nature indoors.
Magnolia leaves will bring a bit of nature indoors. Image source: Snippet & INK

Using magnolia leaves as decor is very fall-like, since they are a reminder of this season’s fallen leaves. Plus, it’s so easy to put this arrangement together that you can DIY it on the same day of your family reunion - as long as all supplies are at hand.

Go Colorful

Blue and oragen work amazingly together.
Blue and orange work amazingly together. Image source: Celebrations at Home

Fall has brown, orange, and yellow as a main color palette, so it makes sense to use them the most, right? But there’s no reason you can’t give it a twist by combining an unexpected color to create a highlight with that palette. This tablescape, for example, uses blue (and the teal plates, omg, I want them!) as the main color, and orange flowers to give a gorgeous contrast.


Metallics can create something unique and interesting.
Metallics can create something unique and interesting. Image source: Twelve On Main

I love how metallics bring a farmhouse style to the table. It creates a cozy look, specially when combined with those neutral white pumpkins. Plus, the use of only greens inside the pots really makes it work and blend with the decoration.

If you want to bring farmhouse decor even more to your home, try:

  • Putting seat covers on the chairs
  • Getting some botanical printables hung on the wall
  • Using a doily table runner

Apple Candles

Candles and apples are the perfect combo.
Candles and apples are the perfect combo! Image source: DIY Bunker

Doesn’t this table setting give you such a welcoming vibe? Whenever I look at it I feel like having a dinner and just sitting down to have a lovely evening with my loved ones. It’s amazing how some candles can create such a cozy mood in the room. In addition, they’re not as hard to make as it might look - check it out!

Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are the cutest thing about fall.
Mini pumpkins are the cutest thing about fall! Image source: Julie Blanner

Each year that goes by, I repeat myself by talking about mini pumpkins again, but come on, aren’t they the cutest thing ever? This simple and adorable arrangement will make anyone walking by this room (or having a meal in there) feel like they’re getting a warm hug from fall.

Copper Elements

Copper is gorgeous and stylish.
Copper is gorgeous and stylish! Image source: Maison de Pax

I’ve mentioned copper a while back when we’re talking about the Scandinavian decor comebacks for 2018 - if you don’t remember that, you should check them out, they’re all gorgeous!

But moving on,

Copper has this beautiful color tone that makes fall complete. A couple of peach hues with flowers, plates, or even a table runner will complete the tablescape.

Add Gourds

Gourds sure bring fall inside your home.
Gourds sure bring fall inside your home! Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

There’s no way to talk about fall season without mentioning gourds. It can be something as simple as the photo above, with a mix of gourds and pumpkins, or you could go all-in with only gourds at display. That’s your time to get creative and make a choice!

Fall is also the time to give your home a check-up! Get a free quote for a home inspection so you know what your house needs this season!

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