The season is changing, the days are growing cooler, and there is work to be done around the house. There’s a lot to do around the house when the leaves start to turn and fall. Getting the house ready for fall is something every homeowner should be aware of, and look into. Here’s our list of preparations that you should be making to your home around the fall season.

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” - Henry David Thoreau

Preparing Your Home for Fall Weather

Look at how great that fall home looks
The home exterior in fall. Source: HGTV

There are a few tasks that you should probably perform around the house before the fall season really hits. Mostly this involves cleaning up the debris left over by the summer, and clearing out the gutters. Fall home tips usually revolve around making sure that the exterior of your home doesn’t leave anything to get buried in leaves as they fall.

  • Clean the garage
  • Store summer vehicles
  • Close up the pool
  • Tidy up the shed
  • Gutters/leaves
  • Store hoses
  • Winterize home sprinkler system
  • Trim your hedges
  • Take care of your trees

Did you know that the cost of hiring a contractor ranges based on where you live? For example, in Austin, TX, it can cost an average of $2,700 while in Brockton, MA it can cost an average of $3,900. Want a more accurate estimate for free? Get in touch with a contractor near you!


There's just something about fall that makes the fireplace light up
A fireplace for fall memories. Source: DIYnetwork

This is the time of year where you’ll want to buy or chop as much firewood as possible (if you’re using a fireplace) and store it. For maximum benefit, store it somewhere with old, seasoned wood to get a better quality flame. Also this will help dry out the firewood, which might not happen outdoors. This will go a long way in getting ready for fall.

Get Your HVAC/Heating Serviced

Obviously, you’re going to need the heat to work in your home for the winter, and the best time to make sure that your heat is online is in the fall. So call in for service before the coldest months hit. It’s just an annual part of how to prepare your home for fall and winter. This is especially true if you notice anything amiss with your unit or the vents. If you hear any strange noises, detect and odors, or notice more condensation that usual, you’ll definitely want to call in a pro. Don’t wait unit it’s too late.

Get Out the Winter Gear

Another fine example of fall decor
Best to keep everything prepped and ready. Source: Consumerreports

Time to locate and make ready the shovels, snowblower, ice melt, and winter clothes. Best to do this during fall before any early storms hit. Preparing your home for fall weather means bracing for the winter as well.


Fall is the right time to make sure you're insulated
Make sure your attic is insulated for the colder seasons. Source: Bob vila

Now is the time to insulate, especially in your attic. Any nooks, crannies, or corridors that aren’t taken care of should be properly insulated as well. This will not just keep you warmer as winter grows nearer, but save you money on your heating bills, as well. It’s all part of our “getting house-ready for winter checklist.”

Seal Your Pathways and Walkways

Make sure everything is ready for fall
Pathways can be stunning in the fall. Source: HGTV

Keep the hardscape in crisp condition around your home by sealing it before the cold comes in. You don’t want that cold to crack anything, and salt might damage the natural slate, as well. So invest in a sealant and keep those stones in pristine condition. Every little bit helps getting ready for fall season.

Need some help getting your gutters ready for fall? Get a free quote from a local pro today!

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