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How Much Does it Cost to Service a Soapstone Countertop in Immokalee?

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Soapstone Countertops can increase the value of your home by $9,529

When it comes to durability, the Immokalee soapstone countertops are one of the best options that you have in the market at the moment. Soapstone has always been a brilliant option for homeowners who are looking to remodel their kitchens, and it is no doubt going to stand out in your kitchen. One of the main reasons why soapstone countertops are still preferred to date is because they are durable. These countertops have a nice milky appearance that makes them unique and fills your kitchen with an amazing warmth. They are versatile, and you can have them designed into the house in different rooms where necessary, not just the kitchen. The soapstone countertops Immokalee are also very easy to clean. In most cases, you just need to wipe with a wet cloth and you will be good to go.

Fair price breakdown

In as much as you will be interested in getting the soapstone countertops Immokalee installed, you have to think about the cost of getting this done. A brief discussion with your Immokalee soapstone countertop contractor should help you figure out the probable expense you will incur. You will discuss things like the additional features that you need alongside the installation. Say for example you want to have a thicker soapstone slab than the average slab, fabrications on the edge, seam joints or even a sink cut-out. These are features that will cost more in addition to the work that needs to be done. However, when you discuss it with the contractor, you can be well-prepared for the expense of the Immokalee soapstone countertops.

Estimated final cost for soapstone countertops

Item Quantity Fair Price
Quartz Countertop Cost 215 Square Feet $13,183.54
Quartz Countertop Labor 30.4 Hours $1,194.64
Quartz Countertop Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $511.62
Totals - Cost to Install Recycled Glass Countertops - 215 Square Feet $14,889.80
Average Cost Per Square Foot $74.45

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Quality will, of course, be another important point of consideration. There are different quality varieties available for soapstone countertops Immokalee. The softness of your soapstone will vary, because of the amount of talc in the stone. Talc provides the softness which basically determines the hardness of your counter. If there is too much talc in it, you might end up with a countertop that is too soft for you to work on, so you have to question the Immokalee soapstone countertops contractor about this.

Collier County Soapstone Countertops FAQ

There are special soapstone cleaners that you can get in the stores. However, this is not necessarily a must-have. For your Immokalee soapstone countertops, cleaning is easy. You can just use a cloth specifically for that, and some water. However, while you are doing this, you also have to be careful not to have any abrasive cleaners. These can cause some serious damage to your countertops.

It is in fact, recommended that you oil the soapstone countertops from time to time. Your contractor will advise you on the nature of oil that should be used for this, the frequency of oiling and how it is to be done. Oiling your soapstone countertops is important in the sense that it will help the stone to darken evenly. When the soapstone darkens, the natural aging process it goes through is enhanced. Remember that oil is not a protectant, and soapstone does not need to be protected either.

Naturally and from the normal wear and tear, you can get scratches on your soapstone countertop. However, this is not a bad thing. Most of the scratches can, in fact, be concealed when you apply mineral oil. This will help you get an even tone for the countertops. For deeper scratches, which are less likely to occur, however, the alternative would be to sand them off.

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2020

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