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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree Stump in Kissimmee?

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Tree Stump Removal can increase the value of your home by $79

There are a lot of reasons why should get a tree stump removal in Kissimmee service after cutting your trees. There is really no point in keeping a tree stump lying around in your yard after you have the tree cut down. First, a tree stump can be a big eyesore. It is bad enough to have them in your yard but if weeds start growing around it, it can be a very unsightly view to look at. Second, if you do not get Kissimmee tree stump removal right away, the stump will continue to occupy precious space in your property. This can be very annoying if you are planning to enhance or update your landscape. Third, tree stumps are considered to be very hazardous. If weeds started growing around them, they can be camouflaged. If that happens, you and your other family members can get easily tripped by these stumps resulting to injuries. A tree stump removal in Kissimmee can be done using different techniques. Knowing the kind of tree and the right technique to be used can make your Kissimmee tree stump removal process a lot easier. However, if you do not have enough knowledge about trees and how to remove them safely and effectively, it is best to hire a professional to do the job. Otherwise, you might end up wasting money and effort doing it yourself.

Fair price breakdown

The average cost of tree stump removal in Kissimmee ranges from $60 to $350 per stump and may depend on other factors like the size of the tree. The average cost of Kissimmee tree stump removal breaks down to around $2 to $3 per diameter of the stump. Nationally, the average cost of a stump removal in Kissimmee service is estimated to be $160 and it usually takes about an hour to be completed. However, stump removal companies may charge their clients differently. A company may charge $2 to $3 per inch of diameter with a minimum cost of $100. Other companies, on the other hand, may charge depending on the number of tree stumps to be removed. Some offer price breaks if you need to remove more than one stump. For example, they may charge $120 to $150 for the first stump that will be removed and the succeeding stumps will be charged $40 to $60.

Estimated final cost for tree stump removal

Item Quantity Fair Price
Stump Labor 2 Hours $34.01
Stump Equipment Allowance $69.80
Totals - Cost to Grind Medium Tree Stumps - 1 Stump $103.81
Average Cost Per Stump $103.81

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In the event that you are dealing with a large expanse of land to be cleared of tree stumps, a tree stump removal in Kissimmee company may charge a flat hourly rate. Most homeowners are usually charged an average cost of $150 per hour. You may also be charged by the company based on the average diameter of the stumps that will be removed from your land. For example, if the average diameter of stumps in your area is around 12 inches and you have around 100 stumps to be removed, that’s around 1200 inches of stumps to be removed. If the cost per inch is $2 to $3, expect to pay $2,400 to $3.600 for your Kissimmee tree stump removal project.

Osceola County Tree Stump Removal FAQ

Yes. There are some DIY tree removal techniques that you can use so you can be able to remove the stumps on your own. However, they can be backbreaking and may require you to rent costly equipment.

Some people think that older tree stumps may cost more to be removed. However, it is the other way around. Old tree stumps are soft and easier to grind down, making them less expensive.

Yes. Rocky soils where the stump is located can cost you more.

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021

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