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How Much Does it Cost to Refinish a Tub in Milton?

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Tub Refinishing can increase the value of your home by $351

In case you have an existing, faded, and complicated to clean tub, there's a chance that you are already contemplating a replacement. Before you head out and purchase a brand new tub, you might want to look into the main advantages of tub refinishing instead of replacement. Replacing a tub can often result in an overall bathroom remodeling if you’re not careful. Generally, if the new tub comes with different measurements than your previous tub, you have got to do several repair jobs to make up for the difference and make it fit. Tub refinishing in Milton, on the other hand, provides a substantially lesser number of factors to consider and tackle. Tub refinishing costs are merely restricted to materials and labor. This means that you will not have to worry about the price of a new tub and new plumbing installation for it. Considering there is a multitude of details to bear in mind in replacing your tub, you might find yourself helpless for approximately 10 days without it. While tub refinishing will commonly require only 24 hours to less than a week for work and curing before your fresh and clean tub becomes available to provide you a relaxing and invigorating bath time.

Fair price breakdown

In Milton tub refinishing, the majority of homeowners are reported to shell out around $200 and $1,000, with the average cost playing at around $460. If you ever give consideration to the many costs linked to replacing, refinishing appears to be a complete deal. It is considerably affordable compared to the price of a brand new tub and its installation cost. Aside from that, in case you have an irreplaceable classic or rare bathtub, you probably just want to retain it to maintain the allure of your decoration or the historical value it provides in an older house.

Estimated final cost for tub refinishing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Bathtub Labor 12 Hours $469.14
Bathtub Job Materials and Supplies 1 Bathtub $66.95
Totals - Cost to Refinish Bathtubs - 1 Bathtub $536.09
Average Cost Per Bathtub $536.08

Find the Best Costs on Tub Refinishing - Milton, 32570

Tub refinishing in Milton is not a DIY project. Most people try to cut cost and do it themselves, only to be disappointed at the finished product. Hiring a professional to do the job has a lot of benefits. Tub refinishing services are reasonably affordable and may just cost you around $40 to $90 per hour depending on the size of your tub. Getting a professional tub refinishing will surely save you some repair cost due to possible damages caused by wrong application and refinishing technique. It will also allow you to enjoy a quality finishing that will make your tub look like brand new and will extend its life from 5 to 15 years.

Santa Rosa County Tub Refinishing FAQ

Provided that the refinished tub is well taken care of and maintained, you may expect your refinished fixture to last from 5 to 15 years at a minimum. Some tub refinishing services even guarantee that once they refinish your tub, you will not have to refinish it again. Others use special materials and supplies that can be repaired easily should your tub get damaged in the future.

Most tub refinishing services rendered by companies commonly involve changing the color and style. You may alter the color of your tub based on your liking and preference. Some companies even offer color matches that work perfectly for different tub brands like American Standard and more. In case you have a color that you prefer but cannot name, you’ll just have to send the company a sample of the color, and they will find an exact match amongst their many suppliers.

It is already proven that refinished tubs are easier to clean and maintain than in their original state. You may use non-abrasive and mild cleaning solutions since harsh abrasive cleaners can cause dullness to the finish of the tub.

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2022

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