Decorating with printables is one of the easiest ways to create simple decor that will surely be noticed. Most people use printables to add an inspirational or motivational message to their homes, but there are many different categories of printables to use. For example, in this post you’ll find different printables containing states of the US.

“Every art expression is rooted fundamentally in the personality and temperament of the artist.” - Hans Hofmann

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Making your gallery wall colorful creates a cheerful area for hanging your printables.
Making your gallery wall colorful creates a cheerful area for hanging your printables. Image source: Damsel in Dior

The idea is that you can print the state you were born in and decorate around it with your own childhood and family photos, or you can make a memory wall containing all the states you’ve already visited plus some photos of the places you liked most in each state.

The printables

All of these designs are so gorgeous and, even though we’re only showing you five options, if you click the download button above, you’ll find that there’s one for each state!



There are lots of cool routes you could go with this Alaka printable. For example, it could be the center of a gallery wall made out of landscape photos! After all, Alaska is a state filled with gorgeous scenery!



This “home” printable could be your pick for the home state (of course) with some childhood and family photos. It adds such a warming color with a soothing message. It may be a simple word, but it makes a huge impact.



You know how most people welcome us into their homes with a beautiful wreath hung on the door? Well, how about making something different and using this ‘home sweet home’ printable? You can choose the state that works for you and add a gorgeous frame!



Try making a colorful gallery, alternating with big and small frames, or maybe even going frameless. There are many ideas you can try, this is the time to get creative!

North Dakota

North Dakota.

All of these free printables provide you with a way of making a colorful gallery wall, but you can also opt for printing them in black and white to better fit your current home decor. At the end of the day, it’s your home!

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