Are you a mother who’s feeling stressed out and having trouble relaxing? You don’t have to travel to a high-end spa to unwind. Instead, update your own bathroom into a perfectly quiet, serene retreat you can relax in anytime you want! Not sure how? We’ve found the seven most important elements of a spa-inspired bathroom to help you get on you way to peace and serenity. At least while the kids are napping, that is.

Soaking Tub

Install a soaking tub in your bathroom
Soaking tub Houzz

A soaking tub is a must-have for a spa bathroom. Whether it’s long enough to for you to lie back completely or deep enough for you to sit up and still be surrounded by the calming qualities of water, your spa-inspired bathroom needs an incredibly therapeutic soaking tub.

Walk-In Shower

Try a walk in shower for convenience and ease
Walk in shower Skyline Bathrooms

If a soaking tub is too difficult for you to get into, consider updating your shower instead. Massaging shower heads are great for relaxing muscles, and showers that are flush with the floor are easily accessible. For those of you who dread the thought of cleaning glass shower enclosures, opt for a spiral, glass-free shower enclosure like this one from Skyline Bathrooms.

Earthy Paint Palette

Bathrooms that any home interior would appreciate
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Nature has a way of relaxing us on the deepest level. When you don’t have the budget for a full bathroom remodel, consider simply repainting your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint in an earthy palette can take your bathroom from sterile to natural in an instant.


Gorgeous bathroom setup for your home
Fire in the Bathroom Design Trends

Who doesn’t love a fireplace? They’re wonderful for creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere, especially during the winter. You can bring that same welcoming and serene environment to your bathroom by having a fireplace installed. Don’t have the room for a full fireplace? Use shelves that blend in with your walls and place candles on them to create a zen experience.


Modern sleek bathroom remodeling
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Lighting is key when it comes to creating a serene atmosphere. Consider getting a dimmer switch installed in your bathroom to control the lighting easily. You should also consult an electrician to determine where lights should be placed for optimum visibility when needed.

Warm, Natural Wood

Wooden bathrooms are a thing now!
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We’ve already established that painting your bathroom in an earthy palette will help give it a warm, relaxing update, but also consider incorporating natural materials in your bathroom update as well. Wood panels around your tub or shower will help you feel like you’re taking a trip to a high-end spa without the high price tag.

Spa Decor

Decor that makes any bathroom feel like a spa
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The decor and amenities of your bathroom are essential in achieving a spa-like experience. When decorating your space, remember to consider all of your senses. Serene painting of natural waterscapes, scent diffusers, Bluetooth speakers, and luxuriously soft towels are all wonderful ways to help you feel more relaxed and pampered.

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