There are tons of simple garage conversion ideas to draw from when converting your garage into a different room. What room works best for you? Are you looking for more storage? Perhaps a place to relax? Extra housing for a guest? Whatever the case, here are some tips to help you get started. Or you can look to a professional for some advice.

“You don't have to live in a garage to write great poetry.” - Felix Dennis

Living Area

Most families could use a little extra living space
Some extra living space for the home, perhaps? Source: HGTV

What family wouldn’t benefit from a little extra living space? When you convert your garage into a living area you gain the benefits of having a new room for your friends and family to gather and watch TV, play board games, and converse with each other. Sure, you might miss out on a little parking space, but who can really put a price of familial bonding?

The real challenge lies in knowing which laws a homeowner must adhere to when converting. For most typical communities, the concerns resemble the following:

  1. Electrical Outlets - Must hit the minimum spacing standards
  2. Lighting - Usually just one wall-mounted light switch is needed
  3. Heating - The room must be able to be heated to 70 degrees fahrenheit
  4. Ceiling Height - Most ceilings have to be at least 7 feet 5 inches in height
  5. Windows - This varies for most community guidelines but generally either a minimum of 5.5 feet or a certain percentage of the room must be windows

Art Studio

For the new or budding artists out there
A little artwork never hurt anybody. Source: Home Money

Whether you’re a new or veteran artist, you know the importance of having room to work. You need a little space, preferably something away from the rest of the house. So while you’re converting your garage, why not create a work space for your art? You won’t need much, as this is a fairly cheap garage conversion ideas. Just some easels, some paint, paintbrushes, drawers or racks, and your creativity. Make a safe space where you can create when the mood strikes you.

Video Game Refuge

More garage remodeling ideas
If you love video games, why not fill your garage? Source: Imgur

Another idea for the gamer in the household is to convert the garage into a nerd’s paradise. Of course you’ll want a big monitor (or three) but it also provides a place to store your old consoles. This is a great plan because the garage conversion cost is usually more heavily invested in the equipment you’re using. Moreover this is another project where you’re clearly just putting in as much effort as you care to. So consider the following options for a video game room:

  • Gaming chair
  • Shelves for nerd items
  • Shelves for games
  • Storage for systems
  • Posters
  • Wild paint choices
  • Character posters
  • Novelty lights
  • Surround sound
  • Large sofa
  • LED track lighting


Relax at your own private bar
Enjoy a drink at your own personal bar. Source: The Concinnity

The new things in the bar scene today that is trending all seem to target the hipster demographic. Microbrewed beers, books, board games, and unique chairs. So why not bring that into your own home?

Create a modern lounge in what used to be your garage. Draw up some garage conversion floor plans and get started. No matter how much time and money you want to spend, you can find the right bar ideas for your home.

Kid’s Playroom

The kiddies will be excited for this garage revamp
Bright colors and crazy shapes encourage creativity. Source: Home Designing

Of course, some homeowners need the extra space because they have extra large families. So what if you could convert your garage into a playroom? For homeowners with children, this is an excellent opportunity to allow a little more room for play. The young ones will love it, and as they get older, it can be converted into something else along the way.

Consider the following features for a children’s playroom.

  • Blocks
  • Pirate ship
  • Bright colors
  • Crafts table
  • Cubbies
  • Kid-sized furniture
  • Legos
  • Soft, colorful carpeting
  • Ball pit
  • Plush animals

Know what you want to do with your garage? Start by calling a professional contractor for a free quote. Or visit homeyou to see more ideas. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest tips and suggestions.

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