Hot, dry summer weather can wreak havoc on gardens left unattended during travel time. If you'd like to take a vacation and come home to your garden intact, you need to be careful with a few things to make sure your plants will survive while you're gone. 

The best thing to do is to ask someone to take care of the garden for you, but not everyone has this luxury. If you don’t have the option, here are some ways to tidy up your garden so you don't lose it during a summer trip.

Repair garden fence

Garden fence repair is the first thing you should consider before heading on your vacation.  The fence will protect your garden from possible animals that try to enter, and it can even serve as support for some plants. 

You should analyze your fence paint, its structure, and the condition of the wood. Make sure the fence is sturdy enough and there are no holes that would let a wild animal go by.

Garden shed installation

To improve your garden not only for now but also for when you come back, garden shed installation is a great addition to your backyard. You can use a shed to store your tools, mulch, garden supplies, and other things related to your yard. A shed is also a place of easy access for gardeners or for anyone taking care of your yard. 

Spread mulch

A thick layer of mulch can help keep a garden unwatered when you're away. Mulching helps to reduce evaporative water loss, smother weeds, and keep shallow roots isolated from the scorching sun.

Spread 2 to 3 inches in the beds and pots to cover the soil, keeping away from the crown of the plant.

Check irrigation

If you have an automatic irrigation system, double-check the scheduled time and frequency of irrigation against the expected weather when you are away. If rain is forecast, you can postpone your irrigation schedule. If the weather is dry, make sure your system is set up to provide adequate water.

Repair your garden hose

Source: The Spruce
Source: The Spruce

If you can get someone to take care of your garden, don’t forget to do garden hose repair, That way, the person can water your plants, take care of your garden, and even clean something, without worrying about taking an unwanted shower or having to deal with the stress of a faucet not closing properly. 

  • If the problem is with the seal between the faucet and the hose: You can just tighten the faucet nut with a wrench. If that doesn't work, you can remove the nut, use thread sealing tape, then refit the nut and hose.
  • If the problem is with the seal between the hose and the sealing nut: Buy a new nut and put it on the faucet.
  • If the problem is with the hose nozzle: In the case of nozzles that are simply threaded on the end of the hose, this replacement is simple and can be done just by pulling out the old nozzle and fitting the new one. In cases where the nipple is held in by clips or buckles, you may need to cut off that end to which it is attached and then insert the new one.
  • If the problem is a hole in the hose: Depending on the location of the hole and how big it is, it is possible to patch it with an epoxy resin. After applying the resin around the hole, simply wait for it to dry before using the hose again.

A local landscaping company can help take care of your garden and yard while you’re away. Contact a local pro and request a free quote for the service!


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