Gardening trends 2023

Gardening is not only related to which kind of plant and which style of landscaping to choose: its changes represent a shift in the way people are living their lives. 2023’s direction to low-maintenance gardening is to keep it smart and easy-care, also using nature itself to take care of mental health.

This guide on gardening trends for 2023 will inspire you to get in the mood for this year’s most expected habits and looks. Before you read, just remember: constant updating trends are not exclusive to the fashion world, and gardening is an area of interest that also follows tendencies and tries to be innovative every year. All right?

With spring right on the corner, it is not too early for you to start planning yours.

Gardening Trends for 2023

The garden ideas and habits to keep an eye on are following general lifestyle trends of 2023. They range from sustainability, mental health care and low-maintenance. Read on to know more!


Climate awareness

Planning a garden without considering the environment makes no more sense. Sustainable planting and eco-friendly ideas are here to stay, and there is a range of options for your garden to look beautiful and sustainable. Check some of them out.

  • Native plants: they are naturally adapted to the environment conditions of the place you live, so they are likely to thrive in most circumstances, requiring less exceptional resources.
  • Drought-tolerant gardening: maybe the most desired plants are the ones that survive through periods of drought, when the last thing you wanna do is pull your hose out to water the garden abundantly. Water wise plants are your best friends here.
  • Wildlife incorporated: this trend says a lot about people's mindset that is even more related to nature in 2023. Say goodbye to your old habits and embrace wildlife as it is: balanced, functional and independent. Weeds and insects are not your garden’s enemies.
  • Vegetable gardens: eating homegrown food is both pleasing and sustainable, so try low-maintenance vegetable gardening – another strong trend.

Also, turn your gardening into something practical and not demanding.



Another trend for gardening this year and the others to come, time-saving gardening ideas are in every gardeners’ – or gardeners' to be – minds.

People are no longer thinking of gardens as places to be extravagant, pompous and perfect. They want low-maintenance landscaping ideas for 2023, even better if they are basically self-sustaining gardens. That can mean:

  • resilient plants that thrive under the harshest conditions;
  • traditional lawns turned into meadows, to look flawless and go into the wildlife nature mood without so much effort;
  • minimalist gardening that is the opposite of "bigger is better", and includes less quantity and more purposeful plants; and
  • organic layouts as another form of no-fuss gardening, where you do not worry so much about the layout and setting borders, letting plants grow more or less freely.

Ok, but not everything is about functionality. Aesthetics are also in trend when talking about colors!

Peaceful and Spotted Colors and/or Magenta

Peaceful spotted colors magenta

When the matter is colors there is always room for diversity. Still, 2023 has some color directions to go after while gardening.

  1. Predominant green with white details to give a delicate and peaceful look.
  2. Spotted colors in concentrated parts of the garden to highlight what you wish.
  3. Magenta, as it is the color of the year, using it in your garden is the trendiest possible.

No matter the chosen tones and plants, just embrace nature for real, make peace with wildlife and try to be friends with the Earth. Do all of that while having a beautiful and peaceful garden!

To reach all your goals, hire a licensed contractor for the ideal landscaping and gardening trends for 2023.

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