Hammocks have a unique place in the American heart. Many of us have spent lazy summer days dodging the heat by reclining in a shade-sheltered hammock, doing nothing but watching clouds drift by. Others take them camping, and see them as a useful way to sleep off the ground. Some people even go so far as to string them up in their homes as a permanent bed alternative!

Storebought hammocks are great, but as always one you’ve made yourself is much better. That’s why we’ve created this list of DIY hammocks made of various materials. No matter what your preference, the ultimate in “suspended” relaxation is only a few hours and some elbow grease away!

Paracord: the ultimate in DIY summer projects or literally anything else you will ever need
Parahammock - the stongest way to relax Paracordist

Paracord Persuasion

Paracord, or 550 cord, is a relatively thin and immensely strong rope that was designed to secure parachutes to skydivers. The awesome paracord hammock shown above is a great DIY to add some “hanging around” space to your yard.

The project is relatively simple, and the uses for it are pretty vast. You could use it as a hanging bag to keep food away from bears while camping, as a rudimentary fish net, or as a hammock - of course.

Outdoors or exterior DIY bug free bag
Hanging bug bag hammock The Ultimate Hang

Bug Free Is The Way To Be

This very well explained DIY hammock is awesome because it incorporates bug netting and closed cell foam. It’s a bit advanced for some people, but you could get around the sewing by carefully applying superglue to the seams. This hammock would be ideal for camping or if your land borders wetlands or ponds.

The ultimate in backyard relaxation for your home's exterior
Backyard backdrop Martha Stewart

Canvas Comfort

This canvas hammock DIY from Martha Stewart is a much more refined and elegant approach to making a hammock without breaking the bank. Made primarily of painter’s dropcloth and grommets, this luxurious and durable hammock will keep you relaxing in refinement for years to come. If you’re not a fan of the yellow rope, feel free to use any color that catches your eye!

Now for something completely different, an interior living room hammock
Interior living room hammock A Beautiful Mess

Seated On Air

This awesome hammock chair is a fresh take on the classic hammock. It’s also more compact, and could be hung in pretty much any sized space with relative ease. It would be ideal for a porch or sunroom, or any place you can lounge in the sun.

Hammock over a concrete patio in your own backyard
Hammock over your own backyard patio Design Sponge

Soft Touch

This simple hammock takes advantages of soft yet inexpensive towels as a material. The result is a beautifully patterned and incredibly comfortable hammock that’s perfect for the backyard. It’s the perfect place to stretch out in the shade with a cold drink and a good book.

Ultimate DIY hammock made from wood, pallets, and manliness
Pallet hammock The Merry Thought

The Ultimate Hammock

This project combines our three favorite things into one: hammock, bed, and pallets! A mega simple and incredibly project, it can be assembled in an afternoon with instructions so easy any homeowner can handle it. Better still, this hammock is made out of pallets, which means it’s durable enough to last for years to come. If you got really ambitious, a coat of paint on the exposed wood would bring a special sort of country refinement to this amazing space to hang around.

These DIY hammocks are a great way to enjoy the summer sun. Aside from the last one, they’re also portable, so you can really take them anywhere with trees or posts. You could also bring your own posts for beach camping, or even just a day of fun in the sun. As always, we encourage you to play with patterns, colors, and designs to really make your hammock your own.

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