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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Solar Panel in Lihue?

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What type of solar energy project is this?

Solar Panel Installation can increase the value of your home by $169

There are some positive aspects to having a solar panel installation in Lihue. Having one will substantially decrease your production of carbon which will help make your household a green environment, thus assisting in preserving the planet for the coming generations. Moreover, you may lower your commercial electricity consumption by utilizing your own personal electricity produced in the day. As opposed to fossil fuels that happen to be running out, the sun can carry on and generate clean, green power permanently. Solar panels are built typically of sand which is at the same time in limitless supply. Solar panels don't have a damaging effect on our world like fossil fuels. Solar panel installation will help your house be eco-friendly and will eventually add significant value to it. Solar panels are proven to be good selling points if you decide to put your house on the market. Switching to solar energy could be the largest step on the way to going ‘green’ as a property owner. You can find no downsides to having solar panel installation in Lihue because solar technology will never count on electric power and fuel. It is an excellent alternative source of power for any home and is a considerably good investment that will pay off in the long run.

Fair price breakdown

Most homeowners are paying $3 to $4 per watt to have solar panels installed in Lihue, with the average cost of $3.57 per watt. Using 5-kilowatt hour translates to an average gross amount of $12,500 after the Federal ITC discount. The cost of solar panel installation will basically depend on the amount of electricity or power that you want to generate for your home. It is logical that the bigger your solar system is, the greater the cost of installation.

Estimated final cost for solar panel installation

Item Quantity Fair Price
Solar Light Fixture Cost 1 Fixture $29.57
Solar Light Fixture Labor 2 Hours $168.20
Solar Light Fixture Job Materials and Supplies 1 Fixture $13.51
Totals - Cost to Install Solar Lighting - 1 Fixture $211.28
Average Cost Per Fixture $211.28

Find the Best Costs on Solar Panel Installation - Lihue, 96766

The average solar energy system is 5kW. That is based on a price of $3.70 per watt. So to compute, a 5kW solar panel system will cost you $13,000 after tax credits to install, not including the labor cost. A 6kW solar energy panel will cost you around $15,700. An 8kW can cost approximately $20,800, and a 10kW solar power panel can cost you $27,000. You can estimate the cost of labor to be around $3,000, plus the permits that can cost $4,500. Overall, your solar panel installation can go from $20,500 up to $34,500. It may look pricey, but if you are looking for an investment that will give you a lot of savings in the future, a solar panel installation will be just the right choice for you. It can save you around $23,000 in savings, and you can expect it to last 25 years and more.

Kauai County Solar Panel Installation FAQ

You can, but it is not recommended. It is best to hire licensed professionals to do the job. That is to ensure that your solar panels will be installed correctly and will work at their optimum performance for the next 25 years or so.

All solar panel installations adhere only to the industry's best practices. It has been tested that upon installation, a roof shall maintain its integrity. Always inquire about the installation guarantees that installers offer before hiring one.

Solar panels have very low maintenance demand. Even so, they are designed to operate at their optimum performance all year-round. Cleaning them will significantly depend on your location and climatic condition. To find out more about the right cleaning schedule for your solar panels, consult with your installer for a recommended cleaning time. However, solar panels should undergo a yearly maintenance to ensure that all electrical and mechanical features are in perfect conditions.

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

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